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Commencement Eligibility & Participation

Details regarding the eligibilty and participation process for the 2020 Virtual UCLA Samueli School of Engineering ceremony.

This page includes the following information:


Deadline to personalize was May 21st.

Help us honor and celebrate you by completing your commencement slide!

You will not have access to register if you do not meet the eligibility requirements below.

Instructions and Details:

If you met eligibility requirements by the deadline, you received an email from: (via Marching Order) with instructions on how to log in  to the Marching Order Platform. Please check your spam filters!

Through Marching Order you may upload a photo, input a personalized message or your thesis title, and make sure that your name is pronounced correctly in the virtual ceremony.

We plan to use this along with our degree data to build degree candidate/graduate slides to use in our virtual ceremony which will be available publicly.

Because of the production timeline, there is a hard deadline of May 21st to upload any information to this Platform.  After this date, if you are graduating, we will still try to include your name and information in the virtual ceremony, but your slide will not be personalized with a picture /message or your name read aloud.

You will not have access to do this if you do not meet the eligibility requirements below.


Participation in the 2020 UCLA Samueli School of Engineering Virtual Ceremony will not exclude you from any later in person, on-campus celebrations.

You are automatically eligible for the Virtual Ceremony and will receive updates if 

  • You graduated in Summer 2019 or Fall 2019 and did not participate in the June 2019 ceremony 
  • You graduated in Winter 2020.

For Spring 2020 and Summer 2020 you will become eligible for the Virtual Ceremony and will receive updates if you complete the Steps outlined below:

(Fall 2020 students are not automatically eligible to participate in the engineering commencement.  Students who wish to participate in this year’s ceremony must follow the Special Request instructions.)


Step 1

Declare your intent to complete your degree in Spring 2020 or Summer 2020.

Engineering Undergraduates do this by Completing the required online degree audit process.

Engineering Graduate students do this by notifying your department student affairs officer of your intent to graduate.

Graduate Department Contacts

Department Contact Email Phone
Bioengineering Daphne-Jane Dizon 310-794-5072
Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering Miguel Perez 310-825-9063
Civil & Environmental Engineering Mimi Baek 310-825-1851
Computer Science Juliana Alvarez    Joseph Brown 310-825-6830
Electrical and Computer Engineering Ryo Arreola 310-825-8592
Materials Science & Engineering Lili Bulhoes 310-825-8913
Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Abel Lebon 310-825-7780
Master of Science in Engineering Online Program Alisa Janesajawan (310)206-3885

Step 2

Complete the applicable Exit Survey (if you only very recently completed STEP 1, you may not have access to this immediately.  Please try again after May 25th.  However for purposes of the slide update deadline today, please let us know so we can create a slide for you to update ASAP.)

It is STEP 1 that grants access to the exit surveys.  You will not be able to access otherwise.


Special Request Process and Timeline for Fall 2020 Students

  • UNDERGRADUATE STUDENTS – to initiate a Special Request, please complete the undergraduate degree audit process for engineering and answer the the additional question on the Statement of Degree Candidacy Form (Question#7)  no later than Friday, May 1, 2020.   Additionally, your degree candidacy MUST be declared via MyUCLA and reflect Fall 2020.
  • GRADUATE STUDENTS – to initiate a Special Request, please contact your graduate student affairs officer no later than Friday, May 1, 2020 to be included in the messaging and aspects of commencement participation for 2020.

Undergraduate and Graduate students who followed the above instructions by May 1, 2020 are automatically approved to participate.  Email notifications about  the 2020 ceremony will follow.  Please pay attention to e-mails from (make sure they do NOT go to spam).

ProgramList of Candidate Names
Fall 2020 candidates who are approved to participate in the ceremony will not be listed in this year’s 2019-2020 brochure.   Please review the  program section for details about your name listing for next year’s printed program.

For Students – MyUCLA Message Center.

For the general public, Family and guests – Message Center

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