Faculty Advising For Undergraduates

Information about Faculty Advising for HSSEAS Undergraduates

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Each HSSEAS student is assigned a faculty advisor within the student’s department.  You can find out who your faculty advisor is by logging on to MyEngineering.  Faculty advisors are available if you have questions that your academic counselors may not be able to answer.  They can provide advice about graduate school, undergraduate research, and job opportunities in the industry.  It is our hope that you develop a relationship with them, especially since you may need them to write you a letter of recommendation in the future.

To avoid having a hold placed on your record, you must meet with your faculty advisor at least once a year.

You should all receive notification from your faculty advisor regarding times they will conduct their advising appointments. If you have any questions please feel free to send an email to advisor_checks@ea.ucla.edu.