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2022-2023 Engineering Scholarship Application is OPEN!

June 17-July 10, 2022

This is earlier than previous years. 

All Undergraduate Engineering students will be eligible to complete an application, including incoming Fall 22 1st year students who have submitted their Statement of Intent to register by May 1st or June 1st.

You can get started now by completing or updating the General Application on Academic Works.

Thank you!

DEADLINE: SUNDAY July 10th, 11:59pm


STEP ONE (available now and all year): 

Log into https://ucla.academicworks.com/ All UCLA students have an account they can access with their Bruin Online credentials.

STEP TWO (available now and all year):

Start/Update and Complete the UCLA General Scholarship Application.  This will automatically match you with any award opportunity at UCLA for which you are eligible and will alert you to any opportunities you can apply for including the Engineering Application once it becomes available.  If you already have a General Application, make sure it is updated with your most current information.

STEP THREE (available now and all year):

Review the Engineering Application Guidelines and Information which address our most frequently asked questions and help you prepare or know what to expect when the Engineering Application goes live.

STEP FOUR (available now until Sunday July 11th, 11:59pm):

Log into AcademicWorks. If you have already completed the General Application, you should be able to see the Engineering Application as one of your avaialble “Apply to” Opportunities.  Complete/update the Engineering Application questions.  These  answers will be used along with your General Application responses to match you specifically to our scholarships.

The Engineering Application is only available during a limited window and will only be tied to our engineering scholarships.  
The General Application will stay active and match you to awards available at UCLA all year round.  

Because of this the General App and the Engineering App each need to be able to stand on their own merit.

Engineering Personal Statement vs General Application Personal Statement
For Engineering, we definitely want you to use our specific prompt that has engineering specific highlights.
For the General Application, it is fine to use the same engineering essay.  That is still a personal statement, but it can also be different.  You have a chance to highlight other interests and passions.
Extra Curricular Activities/Community Service
For Engineering, we definitely want your top 3 Engineering clubs or community service.   You are limited to a maximum of 3 here, but less is perfectly fine.  If you have additional questions about what you can put here, check out the Guidlines linked below.
For the General Application, If your top 3 engineering clubs are your top 3 overall clubs, then it is fine to duplicate in the General Application.  But it is also a place to highlight other interests and involvement.

The Engineering Application Guidelines and Information will answer most of your application questions.

You can also go here to get a head start on thinking about the 2022-2023 Application.


  • General Application open now!
  • Engineering Application Questions set to open June 17, 2022 and close July 10, 2022
  • Essays and Extra curricular activities are being reviewed by UCLA Samueli Alumni until end of July.
  • Once the review is complete, the selection committee will begin making selections.
  • Once selections are made, notifications will will begin rolling out.  There are a many moving pieces to verify with UCLA Financial Aid and Scholarships which is why the notifications may come out in waves.
  • All applicants will notified by the end of September at the latest.
  • If selected, the Scholarship will be offered in Academic Works.  Upon accepting, students agree to complete a follow-up Donor Questionnaire, write a thank you note to the Donor, and participate in the Scholarship Brunch in Spring Quarter. Details will be provided by External Affairs, post Selection.  Award monies will be disbursed in Fall 2022, Winter and Spring 2023.

First time filling out this application?  Need help getting started on the essay?  Trying to finalize your draft?

Check back to RSVP for a Scholarship Info & Writing Workshop

Schedule coming soon!

Workshop Slides
If you want to talk to counselors about anything pertaining to the Engineering Scholarships, RSVP above.

Additionally, the UCLA Scholarships Resource Center has provided the linked Peer Review Worksheet to help you get feedback on your essay

Peer Review Worksheet

Unless otherwise stated, minimum requirements for scholarships are a 3.0 GPA, Extra-Curricular activities and Leadership considered, Financial need considered.

Student testimonial from Frank H. Aerospace Engineering Major
Student Testimonial by Nikola S. Computer Science Major

These scholarships are administered by the Samueli Office of Academic and Student Affairs (OASA), which is located at 6426 Boelter Hall.



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Scholarship Notifications

Notifications will happen inside UCLA Academic Works.  If selected for a scholarship, you will be prompted to accept the offered award as well as to complete any additional requirements like a Thank you note for donors, etc.  If you have any questions about this, contact: scholarships@seas.ucla.edu.

Other Scholarship Resources

Looking for scholarship information can be a tedious endeavor, but the rewards can be great.



  1. Begin by visiting the University of California web-site: Paying-for-UC
  2. UCLA Samueli has a few admission awards. There is no separate application. Award are limited and selection is based on your admission application.
  3. Your local library, high school or community college career center have information about Scholarships, Grants, and Loans.
  4. The UCLA Alumni Center also provides scholarships to prospective and current students. Please visit their website: UCLA Alumni Association Scholarships


    1. Samueli Scholarship Application (see above)
    2. Additional Engineering and non-engineering related Scholarship resources are available through the UCLA Scholarship Resource Center (SRC), located at 233 Covel Commons. They also provide support and review services for scholarship applications including writing. It is open to all UCLA students regardless of financial aid eligibility. For more information please visit their webpage or call (310)206-2875.
    3. UCLA Financial Aid Office: Scholarships
    4. UCLA Alumni Scholarships for Incoming & Continuing Students
    5. UCLA Chancellor’s Service Award



We encourage all students to apply for applicable Engineering Scholarships from Outside Agencies. Top students (high cumulative GPA) should consider the National Scholarship opportunities.


Contact the UCLA Samueli School of Engineering

Scholarships (Undergraduate)

Office of Academic and Student Affairs, UCLA Samueli School of Engineering, 6426 Boelter Hall, Los Angeles, CA 90095-1601, (310) 825-9580 Undergraduate Scholarship Coordinator: Alina Haas, scholarships@seas.ucla.edu

Supporting our Mission/Giving to UCLA Samueli

Office of External Affairs, UCLA Samueli School of Engineering, 7256 Boelter Hall, Box 951600, Los Angeles, CA 90095-1600

Fellowships (Graduate Scholarships)

Fellowships for graduate students are handled by the individual departments. Please visit the main engineering page to see department information and contact info.

Web-site Information and postings related to undergraduate engineering scholarships:

UCLA Departments and outside agencies who scholarships open to Undergraduate Engineering students may contact scholarships@seas.ucla.edu for information about posting a scholarship on this web-site.

For postings related to Undergraduate Research, Job, or Internship opportunities please contact:

William Herrera, williamh@seas.ucla.edu

Group of scholarship recipients holding a Thank You sign at the 2018-2019 Scholarship Brunch.