Where can I get an application?

You can apply online at the University of California website (http://www.universityofcalifornia.edu/admissions/welcome.html).

When can I apply?

The Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (HSSEAS) only has admissions for the Fall quarter.  The application is available on August 1st but it can only be submitted from November 1-November 30.  Late applications will not be considered. The deadline to submit your application is November 30.  HSSEAS does not accept applications for the Winter or Spring quarters.

Does engineering have a separate application process?

No.  To apply to Engineering, you must choose one of our majors as your first choice majors.  That is all.

Do I have to declare a major within engineering?

Yes, all applicants must choose a specific major within engineering.  There is an “undeclared” engineering majors that freshmen may choose (not available for transfers).  Admission to this major is very competitive.  Applicants compete for spots with those who have preferenced the same major.

How do I know if I qualify as a freshman applicant?

You are considered a freshman applicant if you are still in high school or if you have graduated from high school but have not enrolled in a regular session at any college or university.

When can I apply as a transfer?

We only accept junior level transfers, which means that you have completed 60-86 semester units or 90-129 quarter units by the time you enter UCLA.

If I am applying as a transfer student, which courses do I need to take?

All transfer applicants should complete all the required major prep courses with excellent grades in order to be competitive.

Do I have to complete IGETC to be eligible to apply as a transfer student to HSSEAS?

IGETC is not required for admission.  HSSEAS does accept the full IGETC certification, but not partial IGETC.  Applicants should prioritize completing the required major prep courses (e.g. math, physics, chemistry, computer programming) for their intended major over completing IGETC.  Fulfilling IGETC does not give you any added advantage for admissions.  The benefit of IGETC is that you would be done with GE requirements if you are admitted to UCLA.  Students who do not have IGETC simply must finish any remaining GEs at UCLA.

If I did not finish IGETC, what happens to those courses that I took that fulfilled some of the IGETC categories?

Any courses that were taken towards the IGETC certification will be evaluated on an individual basis, and depending on the subject matter of the course, it may still be equivalent to a UCLA course and satisfy one of our GE categories.  For example, if you take an American Government course, it will be evaluated for credit, and that course could be equivalent to UCLA’s POL SCI 40, which fulfills the Social Analysis GE area.

If I am admitted to UCLA as a transfer student to a major outside of HSSEAS, can I change to an Engineering major later?

No, transfer students who apply to a non-HSSEAS major will not be allowed to change to an Engineering major once admissions decisions have been released.

As a transfer applicant, am I allowed to repeat major prep courses that are required for admission?

Students who receive a grade below “C” in a major prep course may repeat the course to try to earn a higher grade, but the School of Engineering’s policy is that we count BOTH the original grade AND the new grade as part of the major prep GPA.