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Course Evaluation:

Am I allowed to take courses at a community college?

For Fall 2017 admits and later:
After completing 105 lower division quarter units toward the degree in all institutions attended, students are allowed no further unit credit for courses completed at a community college.
After 105 lower division units, students cannot receive any unit credit for lower division courses completed at any institution outside of the University of California.
Please note that the 105 units does not include AP, IB, A-levels, etc. and that “lower division” means lower division at the OTHER school, even if it is upper division at UCLA.

Students can meet with an OASA academic counselor to see if they meet eligibility. Be sure to submit the course evaluation form to determine equivalence before taking the course.

If you are a transfer student, you are considered a third year when you enter. Thus, you are not able to take courses at a community college for credit.

Am I allowed to take courses at another 4-year college or university?

Yes, in many cases you are allowed. You can always take courses at another UC.

For Fall 2017 admits and later: After completing 105 lower division quarter units, students cannot receive credit for lower division courses completed at a 4-year college or university. Please note that “lower division” means lower division at the OTHER school. You can still receive credits for upper division coursework at another 4-year, even if it is not a UC.

If you take a class at another UC it will count towards your GPA. If you take a class at another 4-year college or university outside of the UC’s, it will not count towards your GPA, but you will get units.

Can I take a course pass/no pass at another school?

It is expected that students take required courses and major electives on a letter grade basis (NOT pass/no pass).

If I received a C- or lower in a UCLA course, can I repeat it at another school?

HSSEAS students who need or want to repeat a UCLA course must repeat the course at UCLA.

What are the steps to receive credit for a course I took at another school?

For credit to be applied to HSSEAS degree requirements, you must submit transcripts, AP credit, and evaluation materials before the end of your first term at UCLA after completing the work. Make sure the course has already been evaluated.

Am I allowed to complete my final graduation requirements at another school?

Of the last 48 units to be completed for the B.S. degree, 36 units must be earned in residence in HSSEAS on this campus.

If you are near graduation and trying to find a course to complete your degree requirements, review the degree audit procedures FIRST and keep the degree auditor informed about what you are planning.

Can I take a course through UCLA Extension?

UCLA Extension courses cannot be taken for degree credit. Please see this memo from Associate Dean Wesel.

Can I take a course at another school while enrolled in a course at UCLA?

UCLA HSSEAS prohibits concurrent enrollment, and students who take courses at
other schools during a term in which they are also enrolled at UCLA will
not get credit for the work completed at the other school. The only exception for this is if a student is to enroll through the UC Online Program.

Am I allowed to take courses through the UC Online Program?

Yes, a student can take courses through the UC Online Program. This allows students to take cross-campus courses online. This is the only time concurrent enrollment is allowed. To view available courses through UCOP click here.

Do the grades I get at another school count towards my UCLA GPA? 

Courses taken at another UC school (i.e. UCSB) or via EAP will count towards your UCLA GPA.

Can I fulfill a degree requirement with a high school course?

You will not be granted credit for any course or exam for which no units have been assigned (i.e. high school courses). Any course that counted towards your high school requirement, may not be used as credit at UCLA.

Which quarter(s) do engineering students commonly study abroad?

Fall or Summer.

Why doesn’t my study abroad credit satisfy any requirements in my DARS audit?

First, the course needs to be evaluated. If this has already been completed, then you need to check if credit for the course(s) has been posted to your DARS audit. If so, contact the course evaluation team ( so that the credit can be updated correctly.

Is there a way to “untransfer” credit from community college or AP that I am not using for a degree requirement? 

No, it is not possible.

ASSIST (a computerized student transfer information system accessible over the World Wide Web) to find Summer Session equivalent courses at CA community colleges.

UC EAP – The Education Abroad Program and Non-UC EAP Study Abroad Programs

Course Evaluation Request Form

Evaluation of Engineering and Computer Science Courses

Questions, Special Programs, Transcript Submission

For the HSSEAS General Education requirement, students following the 2005-2006 catalog year or later requirements:

The link below lists courses acceptable for all Foundations areas at a number of community colleges.

GE Articulation Agreements

If your school is not on the list, please visit where you will find a list with more community colleges. Refer to the following instructions to learn how to use the website.

How does work?

For all engineering students:

How do I know which courses at a community college are equivalent to UCLA courses?

ASSIST ( has information about the transferability of lower division and some upper division engineering courses from California community colleges to UC campuses. (For community colleges outside of California, follow the course evaluation steps).

For GE Requirements, go to ASSIST

Click on the school you wish to attend [continue]
Click on UC transferable courses [continue]
Choose a department, or “all departments” [continue]




Humanities (including Visual & Performance Arts Analysis & Practice, Literary & Cultural Analysis, and Philosophical & Linguistic Analysis: match by title to a UCLA course in that category)


Social Science (including Historical Analysis and Social Analysis: match by title to a UCLA course in that category)


Physical and Life Science (i.e. biology, physiological science)

It is not necessary for a course to be an exact equivalent of a UCLA course to be acceptable as a GE course.  If you are unsure about whether a course will satisfy a HSSEAS GE requirement, please submit a Course Evaluation Request Form to (refer to Submitting a Course Evaluation Request Form link on this web page).  Allow at least one week for GE course evaluation results to be emailed to you.

Credit for writing courses (English 3 and 4W) is determined by the Office of Undergraduate Admissions in 1147 Murphy Hall.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  HSSEAS does not accept courses in Logic or Critical Thinking as GE courses.

For LOWER DIVISION Math, Physics, Chemistry, Life Science, Programming, Statistics Courses:

Go to ASSIST (

Under “Select an institution” choose the school you want to attend [continue]
Under “Agreements between two campuses” select UCLA [continue]
Under “By Major” select your major [continue]

Note: at many community colleges, a combination of courses may be required to satisfy one UCLA course.

How can I find out if a course is equivalent if it’s not listed on or if I am looking for a course at another 4-year school?

If any courses in this category do not show up on, turn in a copy of the course outline or syllabus (including topics covered and textbook(s) used) to the respective undergraduate counseling office.

Math – 6356 Mathematical Sciences Building

Physics – 1-707A Physics and Astronomy Building

Chemistry – 4006 Young Hall

Life Science – 222 Hershey Hall

Statistics – 8117A Mathematical Sciences Building

English Composition – 146 Humanities Building

Please also see the appropriate department to determine if a course at another 4-year school will satisfy a UCLA degree requirement.

If the course(s) are deemed equivalent, obtain written verification of this from the department office and submit the verification, along with your name and student I.D. number to Message Center.

Please submit Course Evaluation Request Forms through Message Center and allow at least three weeks for the results to be emailed to you.

Evaluation of Engineering and Computer Science courses

Where can I find a list of the courses that have previously been evaluated for equivalency?

There is not an existing public list. You can contact your counselor in OASA for feedback, and review this site for details on submitting a course evaluation.

ASSIST ( also includes a few engineering core courses that you may take at a community college if you have completed less than 105 units.

Please submit Course Evaluation Request Forms to and allow at least three weeks for the results to be emailed to you.

UC Education Abroad Program and Non-UC Education Abroad Programs

UC Education Abroad Program:

Where can I find EAP programs for engineering majors?

For information regarding featured programs for engineering majors, including engineering sub-disciplines for each of the listed programs, programs in English, scholarships, and detailed information about engineering research and internship opportunities click on the following link:

How do I start the study abroad process?

Consult with the EAP Office and/or web site about your options (i.e. where can you go to take engineering/CS courses, or GE courses, courses for an approved minor, or courses for your own interest, etc)

When you have a plan and are ready to start the application process:

1. Get an Academic Planning Form (and other application materials if appropriate) from the EAP office.

2. Look for courses that you could take while abroad at

or the foreign university’s web site and print a detailed course description for each course you want to take.

3. Review your requirements and plan courses, including the UCLA equivalents (or approximate equivalents) for courses you plan to take while on EAP. If you need assistance, schedule an appointment with your HSSEAS academic counselor, in 6426 Boelter Hall.

4. Am I required to meet with an engineering counselor before going abroad? Fill out the Academic Planning Form and bring to your academic counselor in 6426 Boelter Hall for approval. Please expect that it will take several days for your counselor to review, so plan accordingly.

5. Submit your detailed course descriptions with a copy of the approved Academic Planning Form to 6426 Boelter Hall for evaluation. A completed Course Evaluation Request Form should be attached to the detailed course outline(s).

6. Submit all required paperwork to the EAP Office.

7. How long does it take for my grades from EAP to show up in my DARS audit? *Returning from EAP* – Credit for courses taken abroad will be automatically posted to your Degree Progress Report (DPR) or Degree Audit by Undergraduate Admissions, however this may take up to two months.  You are advised to contact the engineering credit evaluators through Message Center when the credit appears on your DPR or Degree Audit so that engineering may appropriately update credit for approved course evaluations.

Non-UC Education Abroad Programs:

Students who wish to study abroad in non-UC Education Abroad Programs should:

    • Visit the International Education Office ( B-300 Murphy Hall) for information.
    • Can a course taken through non-UC EAP Travel Study count towards my UCLA requirements?

      Note that due to HSSEAS’ inability to confirm the transferability of non-UC EAP study abroad coursework prior to completion, HSSEAS does NOT evaluate such coursework for HSSEAS credit until the coursework has been completed and a record of such appears on the student’s Degree Progress Report (DPR) or Degree Audit.  Students are cautioned of the possibility that non-UC EAP study abroad coursework may not be accepted as transferable and thus not applied to their degree requirements.

How long does the evaluation process take?

Evaluation of GE courses takes about a week. Evaluation of engineering/CS courses take at least 4 weeks*, and in some cases may be tentative. Please plan accordingly. In such cases, final evaluation will be based on course materials provided by you after you complete the course. You will get an email when the evaluation is done. While you are abroad, direct questions about courses to the Course Evaluation Team can be submitted through Message Center.

*We do our best to complete evaluations in a timely manner. We appreciate your patience as we work with faculty.

**Due to the high volume of course evaluation requests OASA has been receiving, students are limited to submitting a maximum of four courses for evaluation at a time.**

NOTE: No more than 5 courses completed while on UC-EAP or non-UC EAP may be applied to major requirements (i.e. engineering, computer science, technical electives from other departments)

Effective for students studying abroad during 2005-2006 and later

Course Evaluation Request Forms (transfer and non-transfer students):

If the course you took or plan to take has not been approved for HSSEAS credit, or the school does not maintain an agreement with UCLA, or the course does not show up on the website, please submit a Course Evaluation Request Form to 6426 Boelter Hall or to and the results will be emailed to you after the evaluation is complete. When you submit the form, please include a detailed course syllabus and (if possible) the name and author of the textbook. This information may be accessible on the web or by contacting the school. Catalog descriptions alone are not sufficient to conduct an evaluation. Click here for a sample of a detailed course syllabus.

The form will provide spaces for you to include the following required information:

1.          your UCLA student ID number and email address 

2.          the department and course number from the school where the course was taken,

3.          the name of the school where the course will be taken,

4.          and the UCLA course you think it might be equivalent to,

*Due to the high volume of course evaluation requests OASA has been receiving, students are limited to submitting a maximum of four courses for evaluation at a time.*

Where can I find additional discussion sheets for the course evaluation form?

The discussion sheet has been discontinued. If you have any additional remarks regarding your evaluation request, please include it in the body of your email.


See an academic counselor in 6426 Boelter Hall. Please bring whatever information you think will be helpful, such as Summer Session Bulletins, web addresses, course descriptions, etc.

Where do I submit transcripts after I have completed the course(s)?

When you complete your summer (or other transfer work, such as EAP) have the transcript sent to:
Erkki Corpuz
6426 Boelter Hall
405 Hilgard Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1601

Undergraduate Admissions will post the course credit to your DPR or Degree Audit automatically.  However, this can take a while.  You should contact the engineering credit evaluators through Message Center when you see that the credit appears on your DPR or Degree Audit. Then the HSSEAS credit evaluators will update our records with any course evaluations or petitions we have approved for the courses taken.


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