General Education (GE) courses introduce fundamental ideas in arts, humanities, social sciences, and science and challenge students to assess information critically; frame and deliver reasoned and persuasive arguments orally and in writing; and identify, acquire, and use the knowledge necessary to solve problems.


GEs are grouped into three foundational areas:
Arts and Humanities, Society and Culture, and Scientific Inquiry, with subcategories in each group.

*Courses listed in more than one category can fulfill GE requirements in only one of the cross-listed categories.


Click the chart below for a complete understanding of the engineering GE requirements, which are described in full in the announcement under Requirements for the BS (Scroll to General Education)

All Engineering students are also required to complete Writing I, Engineering Writing, and Ethics before they graduate.

Writing I

Writing I is satisfied by taking English Composition 3, 3D, 3DS, 3E, or 3SL or an equivalent with a minimum grade of C.  This is recommended to be completed no later than the second year of enrollment at UCLA.

Engineering Writing and Ethics

Engineering Writing and Ethics is satisfied by completing one of the required engineering ethics courses chosen from ENGR 181EW, 182EW, 183EW, or 185EW.  (Bioengineering majors additionally have the option to take BIOENGR 165)