2020 Commencement Update!

If measures taken to prevent the spread of COVID 19 prohibit us from holding an in-person, on-campus commencement on June 13, we will hold a virtual commencement to celebrate the achievements of our graduates, especially their perseverance during their difficult final months at UCLA. We will also hold an on-campus celebration later that will bring our graduates back to their beloved alma mater with their families and friends so that we may celebrate them in person.


Saturday, June 13, 2020 | Pauley Pavillion | 12:30pm


Jeff Eldredge


The National Anthem


Jayathi Y. Murthy

Ronald and Valerie Sugar Dean

Presentation and Conferral of the Hoods for the Degree

Doctor of Philosophy



Presentation and Conferral of the Candidates for the Degrees


Master of Science

Student Speaker’s Message

Presentation and Conferral of the Candidates for the Degree

Bachelor of Science




Length of Ceremony:

Allow three (3) hours. Out of respect for each degree candidate, their families and all guests in attendance the students who elect to participate in the ceremony are expected to remain until its conclusion

Conclusion of Ceremony:

At the Conclusion of the Ceremony, there will be a PHOTO OPPORTUNITY (time for degree recipients, faculty, family & friends to meet at one location and take photographs ) at the Intramural Field. We advise you wear comfortable shoes. Light refreshments will be served.


Enjoy your special day, and congratulations on your accomplishment!

Follow the directions of staff workers and the Student Marshals. The Student Marshals will be wearing yellow and blue goldcords and they will be leading the processional into the venue and lead you to your seating area.You will find a card on your seat instructing you when and how to approach the stage. Please read it when you get there and follow instructions and the lead of the Student Marshals.

Commencement Day Checklist for Engineering Degree Candidates
  • ARRIVAL TIME and WHERE-  Please arrive to the student line up at least one hour prior to the start of the ceremony; this means TBD Location is LATC, Enter at GATE B (off of Bruin Walk, across Drake Stadium) Look for signage designating B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. degrees and your department. Staff will be there to assist you.
  • STUDENT TICKET (REQUIRED) – Make sure you have your student ticket for entrance to the student line up (REQUIRED)
  • CAP AND GOWN (REQUIRED) – Make sure you are dressed in your cap and gown (REQUIRED).
  • ID – Make sure you bring your UCLA BRUIN CARD OR Government Issued Photo ID for check-in (REQUIRED)
  • NAME CARD/PHOTO CARD – Pick-up the name card/photo card (it is ONE card, complete both sides)! This is the card that will be read as you cross the stage!!  Fill out both sides. You are not obligated to purchase photos, but you must have both sides completed to better track your photo and position in line. You can stop by 6426 BH from now until TBD. Not on campus? No worries! We will have extra cards on the day of commencement for you. Print your name and write a phonetic spelling of your name; tip: Have a stranger read it, did they pronounce your name correctly?
  • Bring your SMILE! Photographs will be taken as you cross the stage, and leave the stage!  Congratulations!
  • NOT ALLOWED – No alcohol, backpacks, bags or umbrellas are allowed.  Please read below for more details about what you can bring and especially about UCLA Campus Safety and Security and Pauley Pavilion Security Enhancements and their clear bag policy enforcement.  Pauley Ushers, Security, and Staff will be on alert.
Item Policy for Participating Students
NOT ALLOWED: • no alcoholic or carbonated beverages, bottles/cans/coolers of any kind • backpacks/ bags • umbrellas • balloons/inflatable items (i.e. beach balls) • spray cans • any item to be thrown/tossed or that may distract from the ceremony Graduates and candidates are welcome to bring a small camera.We will have security and ushers at the line up. Please also review UCLA campus Safety and Security guidelines and Pauley Pavilion’s enforcement of the clear bag policy for more We want everyone to have fun and be safe. All graduates are expected to demonstrate True Bruin values before, during and after the ceremony. At this event, graduates must abide by the UCLA Student Conduct Code. (Pending cases over the summer may impact closure of accounts and receipt of the diploma.) Commencement is filled with excitement and tradition. It is a special time for you to share your achievements with your family and friends and with University faculty and administrators. So that all present may safely enjoy and fondly remember your Commencement, we ask that , be brought to the venue. Staff has been advised to remove such items from you. In order to ensure your safety and the safety of others, any individual whose behavior becomes potentially harmful or interferes with the Ceremony may be required to leave the Ceremony. Pauley Ushers, Security, and Staff will be on alert.


Faculty participating in the engineering ceremony should have already submitted an RSVP for check-in and attendance tracking. If you have not, please send an RSVP to: and note your department and if you will be needing regalia/attire. If you requested attire with the Office of Academic and Student Affairs (OASA) please note delivery will be TBD.

  • Faculty check-in will be at the Pauley Pavilion Club Room (entrance located next the Pauley ticket booth, off of Bruin Walk)
  • You must be checked-in no later than TBD (necessary for the faculty line up) on Saturday, June 13th
  • A coat-check will be available for you.
  • Refreshments will be served in the Pavilion Club Room.

For Students – MyUCLA Message Center.

For the general public, Family and guests – Message Center

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