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for undergraduates and graduate students in the
UCLA Samueli School of Engineering

Saturday, June 15, 2019
Location: Pauley Pavilion
Time: 12:30PM

  Tickets for students participating and their guests will be required*

Commencement Day Program


*This is the ONLY ceremony for The School of Engineering and it encompasses undergraduates (BS) and graduates (MS, ENGR, PhD).
Do not confuse this with “The College” commencement, which is the main ceremony for students with majors in The College of Letters and Science.


  • ELIGIBILITY – Who can participate in the 2019 UCLA Samueli School of Engineering Commencement?
  • TICKET ORDERING –  please read as tickets are required for student walking and their guests
  • SPECIAL REQUEST for Fall 2019 candidates who wish “walk” in  this June 2019

Other Commencement Related Information (please read as well):


Welcome Parents, Families and Friends 

Specific to the HSSEAS Commencement Ceremony all guests will need a ticket to gain entrance into the venue.
Children who will be needing a seat must have a ticket. Otherwise, no ticket is needed if the child will be sitting on someone’s lap.  Seating is general admission on a first come basis.

Doors to Pauley Pavilion (Tentative venue for 2019) are expected to open one hour prior to the start of the ceremony around 11:30 a.m.
The UCLA Engineering ceremony will begin promptly at 12:30 p.m.
Please feel free to visit the Ceremony Day Program for length of ceremony and timeline

Family and Guests we also ask you to review the following before entering the campus and venue:

After reviewing the above we suggest you leave these items at home or in your car, a “stroller check” will be located at the main entrance to the venue for your convenience.  For more details refer to



Coming to Campus and Parking – In preparation for your arrival on the day of, please review in advance the Commencement General Parking and Directions.  Information including posted Parking and Venue Maps and DP Permit Parking.  We advise you give yourself ample time to arrive on campus, park, and walk from parking to the venue – keeping in mind there will be multiple ceremonies taking place so expect crowds.

Guests are advised to review UCLA Campus Security and Safety as well as Pauley Pavilion’s Enhanced Security Procedures, including their clear bag policy.
Parking for the HSSEAS Commencement will be available in parking structures 4, 6, 7, 8 and 9. Valid (not expired) student, faculty and staff permits will be valid on Commencement Day. There is a $12.00 fee (subject to change) per vehicle for those who do not have a student, faculty or staff parking permit.

Parking permits may be

  • preordered by the student through MyUCLA during the initial ticket ordering process
  • purchased at Parking Services in the Strathmore Building;
  • purchased at the Central Ticket Office (CTO); or
  • on the day of the ceremony, purchased at a Parking and Information Booth, or from a parking attendant at any parking structure.

Students who preorder parking permits during the initial ticket ordering process are automatically charged.
Please review billing information in advance. 

Parking permit types (prices are subject to change):
  • $12 per vehicle – a (standard) Commencement parking permit
  • $6 per vehicle – a DP (disabled placard) Commencement parking permit for vehicles displaying a Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV)-issued disabled person placard or plate. Both the DP (Disabled Parking) permit and DMV-issued DP placard MUST be displayed.


If you are inviting a guest who needs special assistance to attend Commencement, please review Disability Access at UCLA.

You may also contact the Center for Accessible Education at A255 Murphy Hall to ask your questions or for further information. Sign language interpreters for students are available upon request with two weeks advance notice.

Degree Candidates needing special assistance should also contact   and outline their needs so we can determine how to best assist you.


(PLEASE REVIEW ASAP – Deadline for changes by Friday 05/31/2019 by 12 noon)

Bachelor of Science – BS (as of 05/25/2019)
Master of Science – MS (as of 05/25/2019)
Doctor of Philosophy – PHD (as of 05/25/2019)


  1.  you are a Fall 2019 candidate approved to “walk” via Special Request; you will be listed next year
  2. you missed a crucial step in the degree audit process (ugrads only) OR you are a graduate student that did not provide your information to your student affairs grad department
  3. you have a privacy restriction which prevents us from listing your name; see below regarding privacy information

Contact: if you feel you should be listed and provide the below:

SUBJECT: Engineering Commencement Printed Program Listing
TERM(Spring 2019):
*If PHD include your dissertation title and advisor

The 2018-2019 Commencement printed program will list the names of the following undergraduate and graduate engineering students so long as they do not have any FERPA/privacy restrictions preventing the publication of their name:

SUMMER 2018 degrees conferred
FALL 2018 degrees conferred
WINTER 2019 degrees conferred
SPRING 2019 degree candidates* 
SUMMER 2019 degree candidates** 

*SPRING 2019 candidates should have completed the degree audit process if ugrad or notified their graduate department student affairs office in Winter 2019.
**SUMMER 2019 degree candidates must initiate the degree audit process (if ugrad) or notify their graduate department student affairs offie no later than Friday, April 19th.  

Fall 2019 students are not automatically invited nor are they listed in the 2018-2019 printed program.
Fall 2019 students who wish to “walk” in the 2019 ceremony should follow the Special Request process.

Other *VERY* important items related to the printed program:

  • NAME LISTING – We print a student’s official name on file with the University Registrar’s Office.  Please check your name by Friday, March 15, 2019 to ensure we have the most accurate name listing.  If your name has changed or is misspelled, file a name change form at the Registrar’s Office no later than Friday, March 22, 2019 (by end of Winter 2019 quarter) to ensure we get your correct name and updated records on time.
  • FORMAT NAME – If your name listing is correct, but you have a formatting issue, such as “Mcalexander” should be “McAlexander” or “Oleary” should be “O’Leary” then please notify us at with the subject heading: Commencement Printed Program and include your name, 9 digit UCLA UID, degree candidacy term, and your degree type (e.g. BS, MS, PHD).
  • PRIVACY RESTRICTIONS/FERPA –  Students with FERPA or Privacy restrctions are not listed in the engineering printed program.  If you want to ensure that your name is listed please review your privacy/ferpa restrictions.   Students with these restrictions can update their settings via MyUCLA to remove the OR fill out the engineering  Printed Program Release Form and send the form to  by Friday, April 19th, 2019.
  • PROGRAM COPY REQUEST – All students in attendance at this year’s ceremony will receive a copy of the printed program.  If you are not attending and  you wish to order a copy of the printed program for yourself, please submit the following to 
    We automatically send 2 (two) copies for every request.  If you need more than 2 copies, let us know when you contact us.
    We will begin mailing copies out the week AFTER the engineering ceremony.

Fall 2019 candidates who are approved to “walk” in the ceremony (see section Who is Eligible?) will NOT be listed in the printed 2018-2019 program; however, their NAMES WILL BE ANNOUNCED during the ceremony as you cross the stage.  Fall 2019 degree recipient names will be listed in the following year’s printed program (unless they have a privacy restriction!).


For Hotel  information go to Hotel and on campus Dining  and Restaurant Information.


It is not possible to process final grades and prepare degree lists for our Spring 2018 candidates in time to present diplomas at Commencement. Diplomas will be available three to four months after the degree award date.

Please visit the Diploma FAQ available at the Registrar’s Office to review information pertaining to obtaining your diploma in person (no fee) or by mail (with fee) approximately seven weeks after the end of your final term. Consequently, you should notify the Registrar at 1113 Murphy Hall if there is any change in address after you graduate. You may also change your mailing address directly via MyUCLA.

For up-to-date diploma availability information, call the Diploma Hotline at (310)825-8883.

NOTE: The name printed on your diploma will be your official name on file with the University Registrar’s Office.  Please check your name! If your name has changed or is misspelled, file a name change form at the Registrar’s Office to ensure official records are updated appropriately.


I need to obtain a letter of support for visa purposes in order to invite family members to the UCLA Samueli Commencement Ceremony, what do I need to do?

International Students (J1 or F1 visa type)

International Students (with an F1 or J1 visa type) who need to obtain letters of support for visa purposes to invite family members to Commencement should begin with the Dashew Center for International Students and Scholars (DCISS).  DCISS requires confirmation of degree completion from your School/department as part of the visa letter process. Therefore, prior to contacting DCISS please verify you meet eligibility to participate in the Engineering Commencement (Saturday, June 15, 2019).

Domestic Students (US Citizen or Permanent Resident)

Domestic Students (Permanent Resident or Citizens of the United States) who need to obtain support letters for visa purposes to invite family members to commencement should begin with the Office of Academic and Student Affairs (OASA).  Please follow the steps below:

STEP 1:  Review your eligibility to participate in the Engineering Commencement (Saturday, June 15, 2019)
STEP 2: Submit online form: Support Letter for Visa Purposes

Please allow 5-7 business days for the visa letter after submission (granted you meet Step 1 eligibility).  You will receive an email notification when the letter is ready for pick-up at 6426 BH.  You must present a UCLA Bruin ID or other relevant identification for pick-up.



Questions about the ceremony not covered here can be directed to the Engineering Commencement team via MyUCLA Message Center.

For Students – MyUCLA Message Center.

For the general public, Family and guests – Message Center

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