The Position
The WORLD Policy Analysis Center is helping to lead the creation of a global network of members of civil
society, academics, jurists, lawyers, activists, policymakers and others who work together to advance
the realization of equal rights in all the world’s constitutions. We are looking for someone to design and
build the network’s inaugural website, which will serve as a data and information hub on advancing
equal rights in constitutions.
The website will house information on and links to data and data tools, briefs, fact sheets, visuals such
as maps and infographics, training materials, and other resources. WORLD team members will collect
the materials for the website, and will work with the student to conceptualize the structure and content
of the site.
The individual will be responsible for:
• Producing site design options and working with the WORLD team to finalize the site’s design
• Developing the website
In addition to funding, WORLD will also offer the student a physical space to work and mentoring
throughout the project.
Students from all fields who have the relevant experience are welcome to apply.

Student Assistant Web design and development 10.2.19