Student Leaders Guide - UCLA Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Science

Greetings UCLA Samueli Engineering student organizations.  This website is a resource for leadership of the UCLA Samueli Engineering student organizations.  It includes helpful information on policies, procedures, and contacts with the School.

Annual Engineering Leadership Workshop (ELW)

The Engineering Leadership Workshop is an annual event where leadership from engineering student organizations and design teams are invited to learn about School of Engineering resources, opportunities, and policies.  All student organization officers, team, and project leaders should attend.

If you have any questions, please email Emika Saito, the president of the Engineering Society at UCLA (ESUC) at

Agenda & Topics

Session 0 – Student Leaders Social hosted by the Engineering Society at UCLA (ESUC) – Thursday (8/4), 6:00 – 7:30 P.M. PST (Optional)

Session 1 – Welcome & Introduction – Tuesday (8/9), 6:00 – 8:00 P.M. PST

    • Welcome by Richard Wesel, Associate Dean of Academic and Student Affairs
    • Engineering Society at UCLA Welcome & Overview, Emika Saito, ESUC President
    • Affiliating your organization with UCLA Samueli Engineering, Wes Uehara, Engineering Student Organization Coordinator

Session 2 – COVID-19 Safety, Room Reservations, & Space Use by Student Organizations, Mail & Shipping – Thursday (8/11), 6:00 – 7:30 P.M. PST

    • COVID-19 Safety & Campus Policies, Christine Lee, Assistant Dean, Chief Marketing Communications Officer
    • Room Reseravations & Space Use Applications, Wes Uehara, Engineering Student Organization Coordinator
    • Mail & Shipping, Anthony Redon, Logistics & Building Services Manager

Session 3 – Student Organizations, Leadership, and Engagement (SOLE) and Communications – Tuesday (8/16), 6:00 – 7:30 P.M. PST

    • UCLA Student Organizations, Leadership & Engagement (SOLE) responsibilities & resources, Orlando Luna, SOLE Advisor
    • Communications and UCLA Engineering style-guide, Christine Lee, Assistant Dean, Chief Marketing Communications Officer

Session 4 – Finances, Funding, and Making Purchases – Thursday (8/18), 6:00 – 7:30 P.M. PST

    • Finances & funding, Nathan Landay, Associate Director of Development, Corporate and Foundation Relations
    • Engineering Alumni Association, Yue Du, Co-chair, Student Group Projects Committee
    • Making purchases and submitting reimbursements, Marlon Williams, Office Lead, UCLA Engineering Logistics and Materiel Management

Session 5 – Corporate Affairs – Tuesday (8/23), 6:00 – 7:30 P.M. PST

    • UCLA Career Center resources, Danit Havton, Assistant Director, Career Education and Development (Engineering), UCLA Career Center
    • Undergraduate Internship & Research Program, Industry Liaison Committe (ILC), Will Herrera, Director, UCLA Engineering Undergraduate Internship & Research Program

Session 6 – Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) & UCLA Resilience in Your Student Experience (RISE) – Thursday (8/25), 6:00 – 7:30 P.M. PST

    • UCLA Engineering Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion progress and initiatives, Veronica Santos, Associate Dean of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion and Faculty Affairs
    • UCLA Resilience in Your Student Experience – postponed

Session 7 – Lab & Space Safety training – Thursday (9/9), 6:00 – 8:00 P.M. PST

    • Wes Uehara, UCLA Engineering Student Organization Coordinator
    • Estrella Saucedo, Safety Specialist, Safety & Compliance, UCLA Environment, Health, & Safety

Session slides:
Welcome by Associate Dean Richard Wesel slides

Welcome Message to Student Leaders by Associate Dean Wesel

Richard Wesel, Associate Dean of Academic and Student Affairs

Recording of Welcome by Associate Dean Richard Wesel.

Recording of Q & A with Associate Dean Richard Wesel.

Presented at ELW Session 1 – Welcome & Introduction – Tuesday (8/9), 6:00 – 8:00 P.M. PST

Welcome by Associate Dean Richard Wesel slides

For additional questions about your role as a student leader of an Engineering Student Organization, please email Associate Dean Richard Wesel at

Engineering Society at UCLA (ESUC)

Emika Saito, President, Engineering Society at UCLA

Recording of presentation by Emika Saito

Presented at ELW Session 1 – Welcome & Introduction – Tuesday (8/9), 6:00 – 8:00 P.M. PST

ESUC session slides

The Engineering Society at UCLA (ESUC) is an umbrella organization that facilitates communication and events between the engineering student body and the UCLA School of Engineering.  Please follow this link to find out more about ESUC and what we do. In addition to our formal programs, there are a host of resources and opportunities organized by ESUC as well as some responsibilities that come along with them.

All engineering orgs are recommended to have their officers join the UCLA Engineering Orgs Slack workspace: If you don’t have access, send an email to



Engineering Leadership Workshop

The Engineering Leadership Workshop (ELW) is an event hosted by ESUC bringing together various departments across the Engineering School to provide essential information to the student engineering orgs. Information from the event is populated throughout this website.

Engineering Welcome Day

Engineering Welcome Day (EWD) is an event for incoming freshmen and transfer students to the School of Engineering to get to know fellow students, student organizations, and key staff members. This is one of the best ways to get an overview of all the rich opportunities UCLA engineering has to offer from professional development to student organization participation.

EWD is scheduled for September 21st from 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM (PST).

RSVP form for Student Organizations:
EWD event website:

Contact Information: Madeline Young, External Vice President,

ExComm and Student Leaders Meeting with Associate Dean Wesel

ExComm is open to all student leaders, will contain updates from ESUC, and will be a place to brainstorm questions and topics that you would like to have addressed at the Student Leaders Meeting the following week.

  • For all student leaders
    • Updates from ESUC
    • Brainstorm topics to address at the Student Leaders Luncheon
  • Week 1 Friday @12:00 PM on Zoom
    • Fall: 9/30
    • Winter: 1/13
    • Spring: 4/7

      The Student Leaders Luncheon is for presidents and vice presidents of a student organization and will contain important updates from the School of Engineering and address questions and topics brainstormed at the previous week’s ExComm.

      • For presidents & vice presidents
        • Updates from the School
        • Open discussion of topics brought up at ExComm with Dean Wesel
      • Week 2 Friday @12:00 PM in Engineering VI (Cohen Multipurpose Room & Patio)
        • Fall: 10/7
        • Winter: 1/20
        • Spring: 4/14

      Contact Information: Emika Saito, President,

      Engineers Week

      Engineers Week occurs on the second week of Spring Quarter, and is a weeklong event celebrating all things engineering at UCLA.

      Our events in the past have included Networking Night (a time to just network and talk with industry reps), Art Display, Engineering Jeopardy, Hebocon (a sumo robot competition), Code Smash (hackathon-ish event), Talent Show, and many others. Last year, because of everything going virtual, we had to cancel our biggest annual event, Kids Day, where we invite engineering orgs to showcase their projects and do fun activities with students from elementary to middle school. This year, we’ll be making Kids Day a virtual event, and we’ll be sending out details to all the orgs later in the year.

      We will be reaching out to orgs regarding involvement in Kids Day around the beginning of Winter Quarter.

      Contact Information: Emika Saito, President,

      Student Organization of the Year

      The Student Group of the Year Awards celebrate the achievements that student organizations have made over the past academic year. Organizations are automatically entered by submitting the Annual Report Form.

      • Categorized by under 100 and over 100 members:
        • Bruin Development Award
        • Community Connection Award
        • Rising Star Award
        • Overall Student Group of the Year
      • Awardees will be:
        • Recognized at the Senior Send-off Ceremony
        • Featured in the Student Group Hall of Fame

      Contact Information: Emika Saito, President,

      UCLA Engineering Organizations Slack

      To join the UCLA Engineering Organizations Slack please use the following invite link:

      ESUC Calendars

      The Unified Engineering Calendar is your one-stop shop for the most prominent events taking place in the engineering student community, including various organizations’ general meetings, career fairs, and town halls. The Workshops, Speakers, & Other Calendar provides info about other events put on by our engineering organizations, including various workshops, speaker panels, and more.

      Check here for ESUC Lounge availability! If you’re representing a student organization, you can make a reservation here: ESUC Lounge Reservations

      The ESUC Calendars can be found here:

      COVID-19 Safety

      Christine Lee, Assistant Dean, Chief Marketing Communications Officer

      Recorded presentation by Christine Lee.

      Recorded Q & A with Christine Lee.

      Presented at ELW Session 2 – COVID-19 Safety, Room Reservations, & Space Use by Student Organizations, Mail & Shipping – Thursday (8/11), 6:00 – 7:30 P.M. PST

      COVID-19 Session slides

      As student leaders, we have a responsibility to uphold Campus policy as related to COVID-19 and to model and encourage responsible behavior to keep our community safe.  Policies and procedures are being updated as we learn more about the virus, its impact on our world, and as new State of California mandates on public health are established.  Students can keep abreast of the latest information through these campus websites*:

      *The list of websites was updated on August 12, 2021.  For any additional questions, please email Christine Lee at

      Room Reservations for Events & Activities

      Wes Uehara, Engineering Student Organization Coordinator

      Presented at ELW Session 2 – COVID-19 Safety, Room Reservations, & Space Use by Student Organizations, Mail & Shipping – Thursday (8/11), 6:00 – 7:30 P.M. PST

      Room Reservations session slides

      Student organizations should follow the guidelines in the UCLA Samueli Engineering Policy on Reserving Rooms for Student Organizations which stipulate that requests for rooms reservations should made to Campus Events for a General Assignment classroom first.  If a request cannot be accommodated then organizations should reach out to the Engineering Departments to see if a room they manage is available.  Finally, if a room reservation cannot be identified, then a request can be made to reserve a room managed by the School.  For more information, please look at the information provided below on Space Resources.

      Additional things to know:

      • There is no centralized room reservation process for campus.
      • Each meeting room has its own point of contact and reservation process.
      • Rooms may be prioritized for a specific purpose.
      • May have varying dates on when you are able to request a reservation.
      • Some have fees to reserve.


      Space Resources:


      General Assignment Classroom - booked through Campus Events

      Information on a General Assignment (GA) Classroom:

      • UCLA has 190 general assignment (GA) classrooms in 22 campus buildings.
      • Classrooms range in size from small seminar rooms with a capacity of 12 to large auditoria seating over 400.
      • The UCLA Events Office books events and student organization meetings. Details and photos of each classroom are maintained by the Center for the Advancement of Teaching(CAT).
      • Priority for UCLA courses.
      • Please review Weekly and General Classroom Meetings request guidelines, here:

      Capacity and room type information on each GA classroom –

      To see the technology available in each room, please visit the Center for the Advancement of Teaching (CAT) classroom search webpage:
      There maybe a technology fee if you want to use a projector or PA in General Assignment classroom.General Classroom Assignment room reservation requests:

      Instructions to Student Organizations to Request a General Assignment classroom reservation:

      • Campus Events starts taking reservation requests from Student Organizations in week 1 of each quarter.
      • Starting in week 1, your SOLE designated signatory can complete the Meeting Room Request form:  The form is open for requests Monday -Friday, from 10:00am -2:00pm
      • Requests must be, at least, one week prior to the meeting date.
      • Reservation times start on the hour and end 10 minutes before the hour (ex. 6:00pm -7:50pm).
      • Requests can be made for reservations that last 2 hours max.
      • Please contact Campus Events if you have any questions or issues with submitting your request.

      Here are other campus event venues if a general assignment classroom is unavailable.  Most require a fee to use facilities:

      Managed by Engineering Departments

      Each Department maintains it’s own conference room and meeting spaces.  Each have their own reservation process and use guidelines.  Please find the complete list of available meeting spaces and their point of contact here:

      Chemical Engineering,

      • 5531 Boelter Hall (10 – 12 seats)

      Civil & Environmental Engineering –

      • 4275 Boelter Hall (25 – 30 seats)

      Computer Science –

      • Conference Room 289 (50 seats)
      • Conference Room 364 (10)
      • Conference Room 366 (6)
      • Conference Room 372 (10)
      • Conference Room 389 (6)
      • Conference Room 464 (10)
      • Conference Room 466 (6)
      • Conference Room 472 (10)
      • Conference Room 489 (6)

      Electrical & Computer Engineering –

      • ELLIOTT Room 53-135E Engineering IV Building (10 – 15 seats)
      • FARADAY Room 67-124 Engineering IV Building (30 – 35)
      • MAXWELL Room 57-124 Engineering IV Building (40)
      • TESLA Room 53-125 Engineering IV Building (40)

      Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering 

      • 37-124 Engr IV (30 seats)
      • 38-138 Engr IV (70)
      • 47-124 Engr IV (40)
      • 48-121J Engr IV (6)

      Materials Science & Engineering –

      • 2101 Engineering V Building (65 seats)
      • 2125 Engineering V Building (8)
      • 3129 Engineering V Building (20)
      Managed by the School

      Boelter Hall

      Engineering IV Rooms

      Engineering VI Rooms – book through

      • 100 (15 seats)
      • 300
      • 134 Cohen Room East (45 seats – can be combined with West)
      • 134 Cohen Room West (45 seats – can be combined with East)
      • 180 Mong Auditorium (250 seats)
      • First Floor Breezeway (outside Mong)
      • First Floor Patio (between Mong and Cohen)

      If you need help with this process, please reach out to Wes Uehara,

      Requesting Space in the School for your Organization

      Wes Uehara, Engineering Student Organization Coordinator

      Presented at ELW Session 2 – COVID-19 Safety, Room Reservations, & Space Use by Student Organizations, Mail & Shipping – Thursday (8/11), 6:00 – 7:30 P.M. PST

      Session slides

      Student organizations are able to submit a Space Use Request application every other academic year.  Space use assignments are for a 2 academic year appointment.  Applications were received and reviewed in AY 2021 – 2022.  The next call for applications will be in Winter of 2024.  All organizations that currently hold space in the School need to reapply.

      Information from last year on the application process:

      • Application is open for all organizations wanting to request space for their organization (in the SCC & out of the SCC)
      • Click here to view the application information and form.
      • A faculty committee will review applications and announce space awards in mid-Spring Quarter.
      • We will host an info session on Thursday, January 20, 2022, from 5:30 – 6:30 PM, to share the application, submission guidelines, and answer any questions.  The info session has passed.  Here are the session slides from that meeting. Here is the link to the recording.

      Please note that priority in the Student Creativity Center will be given to organizations that are actively engaged in technical design work.  Please contact Wes Uehara,, if you have any questions or concerns.

      Student Creativity Center

      Wes Uehara, Engineering Student Organization Coordinator

      Presented at ELW Session 2 – COVID-19 Safety, Room Reservations, & Space Use by Student Organizations, Mail & Shipping – Thursday (8/11), 6:00 – 7:30 P.M. PST

      Session slides

      Student Creativity Center purpose: Technological Sandbox: a place for our community to create, design, re-engineer devices and gadgets of their own imagination.

      • Academic year – Student organizations who are engaged in technical design work.
      • Summer – Formal school outreach activities and programs, including Engineering 96 & Bridge programs

      Student Creativity Center website:

      Instructions for 2022 – 2023 SCC Tenants

      • Fall cleaning – get rid of things you don’t need.
      • Notify your membership that all items in the 2nd Floor Boelter Hall courtyard, 2730 meeting space, and outside any SCC
        room will be thrown out on September 26, 2022.
      • Inventory your SCC Furnishings – SCC tenants are responsible for the replacement of furnishings. Please work together to account for SCC furnishings and to create a list of missing items. Inventory List –
      • Reminder – Please make sure your officers, lab manager, and project leads attend the Lab & Space Safety Training on September 8, 2022.
      • Schedule a walk-through of your space with your Faculty Advisors in preparation for Fall quarter EH&S Safety Inspections.
      • An in-person meeting will be held on Wednesday, October 12, 2022 from 5 – 6PM in the SCC (Boelter 2760).

      Mail & Shipping

      Anthony Redon, Engineering Logistics & Building Services Manager

      Recorded presentation by Anthony Redon.

      Recorded Q & A with Anthony Redon.

      Presented at ELW Session 2 – COVID-19 Safety, Room Reservations, & Space Use by Student Organizations, Mail & Shipping – Thursday (8/11), 6:00 – 7:30 P.M. PST

      Logistics & Facilities Team

      Anthony Redon – Engineering Logistics and Facilities Manager
      Staff-pending – Logistics Center – Engineering IV loading dock is the location where shipment can be picked-up once it is received.
      Dan & VInce – Please submit a Materials Service Request (MSR) if you need equipment secured for earthquake safety or help moving heavy equipment –
      Marlon Williams ( – located in Boelter 3713.  He manages keys for the School.

      Mail & Shipping to the School

      Mail can be picked up in the Logistics Center in Engineering IV Loading Dock.  There will be a box for your organization in the Logistics Center for mail.

      Mail & shipping label must include:

      • Name of recipient (must be an officer listed in the Student Organization Contact List on myEngineering)
      • Student organization or club name
      • UCLA Engineering
      • 420 Westwood Plaza Room 14-108
      • Los Angeles, CA 90095-1591 (the last 4 digits need to be included otherwise it won’t be sorted)

      UCLA Mailroom information:

      Questions about mail and shipping can be made to Anthony Redon,

      Directions & Maps to the School of Engineering
      Mailbox for your organization

      Contact ESUC (email us here) if you are interested in establishing a mailbox for your organization.  Mailboxes are located in the ESUC Lounge (Boelter Hall 5800).

      Transportation (Car Rental & Bus Charter Services)

      Wes Uehara, Engineering Student Organization Coordinator

      UCLA offers several transportation services for a fee.  These services offer direct billing using campus recharge & insurance.  Please read through the policies for specific details.  Services include:

      1. Bus/Van Charter Services –
      2. BruinCar rental service –

      To reserve:

      1. Department organizations – please contact your Department purchaser/contact (see above)
      2. School-wide organization – please contact Wes Uehara,

      Campus Policies

      Student Organizations, Leadership, & Engagement (SOLE) & UCLA Trademarks

      Orlando Luna, Advisor, Student Organizations, Leadership & Engagement

      Presentation overview

      1. Introduction
      2. About SOLE
      3. Signatories
      4. Event Planning
      5. Funding Sources
      6. Resources

      SOLE website:

      SOLE Slides

      For any additional questions, please email Orlando Luna at

      UCLA Trademarks – using the UCLA logo & branding

      The online portal was instituted in November 2018 and more than 4,500 requests have been processed since that time. Along the way, we have made system and process modifications to help expedite the process. Below are a few resources to help you to use the UCLA Marks consistent with UCLA Policy 110 and ensure determinations occur as quickly as possible.

      If you have any questions, please email

      Additional information:

      • UCLA Brand Guidelines provide detailed instructions about how to use logos, colors, and typography. The guidelines also provide useful templates and tips to help you apply the brand in a variety of formats. As UCLA Policy 110 stipulates that every use of a UCLA Mark must follow the UCLA Brand Guidelines, it is important to make use of this vital resource.
      • Requests to use the UCLA Marks are processed online at Whether you are custom-designing t-shirts with UCLA Marks, co-branding a new initiative, or printing a sponsor’s logo on promotional material, the online portal will help you to navigate policy provisions and obtain the proper permissions.
      • UC Trademark Licensing Code of Conduct sets out minimum standards for goods bearing the UCLA Marks, which must be produced under fair, safe, and humane working conditions. It is the responsibility of all UCLA employees and students ordering goods bearing UCLA Marks (including names of University departments) to use only authorized UCLA licensees.


      Christine Lee, Executive Director of Communications

      Presentation topics:

      1. Overview of UCLA Engineering Communications
      2. UCLA Engineering Style Guide and use of UCLA Engineering Logo
      3. UCLA Engineering Social Media channels
      4. How organizations can share highlights with communications
      5. Website guidance – make sure events are front and center.

      If you would like to have the Office of Communications share an achievement, project, or something else that your org has accomplished, fill out the project form here. The following are topics that the Office of Communications is most interested in:

      • Remote learning in the middle of a global pandemic (best practices)
      • Major events/activities
      • Accomplishments/national awards
      • Inspirational stories

      Additionally, the Office of Communications would like to remind all student orgs that websites should be made in compliance with the Samueli Website Guidelines.

      The Office of Communications would like to build a sustainable pipeline and reach out to high schoolers, especially those in underserved communities. If you would like to get involved in the new initiative of encouraging these students to apply to UCLA, please submit a video following the detailed instructions that can be found on this following form:


      It’s important to keep accessibility in mind when designing documents, PDFs, PowerPoints, and Websites.

      To help ensure resources are ADA compliant, several resources have been compiled for your use:

      Click here for resources from the Office of Information Technology’s Disabilities & Computing Program, which includes information about how to make documents accessible

      Click here for resources on website accessibility (access using UCLA VPN). This page includes useful information on electronic tools and accessibility and provides links to tools your organization can use to ensure your online resources can be used by those who are blind, visually impaired, or have slow internet connections.


      External Affairs & Spark

      External Affairs

      Nathan Landay, Associate Director of Development

      Presentation topics:

      1. About UCLA Samueli External Affairs
      2. Terms to Know
      3. Bank Accounts: Off Campus vs. On Campus
      4. On Campus Banking: Foundation vs. Regental Gift Funds
      5. Fundraising Resources (make sure to see the section about EAA & SOLE)
      6. Stewardship


      Spark is used for crowdfunding UCLA projects.

      This section shows you how to: 

      • Tailor your message to attract the widest audience possible
      • Ask people for money
      • Make people care about what you’re doing and want to invest in you

      External Affairs and SPARK Q&A

      External Affairs Slides

      Spark Slides

      Development Team contacts
      For any additional questions, please email Nathan Landay at

      Engineering Alumni Association & Student Projects Fund

      Yue Du

      The mission of the UCLA Engineering Alumni Association is ‘To foster alumni participation in the UCLA Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Science community and to enrich the engineering experience of its students.  In line with this mission, the EAA Student Project Fund was established in 1995 to provide engineering student groups with annual grants to support projects and competitions, as well as conventions, seminars, and workshops.

      Each year, the EAA Student Fund evaluates more than 40 grant proposals and awards more than $20,000 in funding to student organizations, giving them the opportunity to thrive.  Every fall, student leaders are invited to a Funding Kickoff Meeting, where the application details are provided.


      Purchase Orders & Reimbursements

      Marlon Williams, Office Lead, UCLA Engineering Logistics and Materiel Management

      The video provides specific instructions to school-wide organizations and general guidance to department organizations to handle their purchasing and reimbursement needs. We encourage the treasurer to schedule an appointment with the purchaser or manager to discuss purchasing, policies, procedures, and accounts at the start of the academic year.

      Here are some quick guidelines (we encourage you to watch the video and meet with Marlon or your Department purchaser/manager to get specific details):

      1. All purchases should be approved before purchase to ensure that it meets university guidelines.
      2. Start the process early.  There are many offices that will have to help you process your purchase, ship your product, and get the shipment into your organization’s hands.  Additionally, you will need to be mindful of back-ordered products.
      3. Use a Purchase Order (PO) to order from a UCLA-approved vendor.
      4. UCLA Approved Vendor list –  There are many approved vendors that are not listed on the UCLA Approved Vendor list.  Please contact Marlon or your Department purchaser/manager to inquire about additional approved vendors.  Examples of approved vendors frequently used by engineering include: All Electronics, DigiKey, SparkFun, CDWG, BHPhoto, Specialized Balsa, Robot Marketplace, and Domino’s Pizza.
      5. Food purchases require a guest list and meeting agenda.
      6. Keep original receipts.
      7. DO NOT:
        • Purchase from a bidding vendor like eBay – you cannot be reimbursed for purchases made on a bidding vendor.
        • Submit purchase order requests or reimbursements late (2 weeks for PO requests and 1 week for reimbursements).
        • Take a picture of your invoice or receipt.  Make sure they are legible and must be in .pdf.

      School-wide organizations should see Marlon for their purchasing and reimbursement needs. Department organizations should see their Department purchaser/manager.

      Select your Department for information. (Please note that this information is in the process of being updated for the 2021-2022 school year)



      Purchasing, reimbursements, travel – Andrew Lao,, & Melissa Tran,
      Fund management – Angela Zhang,

      Civil & Environmental Engineering

      Stacey Tran Fong, Management Services Officer, 

      Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

      Purchasing – Carlos Toscano,
      Reimbursements, travel – Collin Llewellyn, & Marla Cooper,
      Fund management – Ewa Barylak, 

      Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering

      Purchasing, reimbursements, travel – Lesly Navas,
      Fund management – Joanne Jue,

      Electrical & Computer Engineering

      Purchasing, reimbursements, travel – Marty Revilla,
      Fund management – Shirley Yee,

      Computer Science

      Purchasing, reimbursements, travel – Mildri Lopez-Duarte,
      Fund management – Maria Guerrero,

      Materials Science & Engineering

      Purchasing, reimbursements, travel – Kaishan Li,
      Fund management – Kaishan Li,

      School-wide Organizations

      Please contact your faculty advisor for guidance on processing purchases, reimbursements, travel, and managing funds.  You will need to process transactions through the Department that manages your fund accounts.  If your accounts are housed in the School (rather than a Department), then please contact Marlon Williams,, to process purchases, reimbursements and travel.  Note – Marlon will NOT be able to process any transactions if your accounts are managed by a specific Department.

      Please contact the appropriate contact to request information on how to make purchases, process reimbursements, arrange travel, and manage fund accounts. Some general guidelines (not exhaustive):

      1. All requests will require you to provide information, justification, receipts, etc.  Keep records.
      2. Use Purchase Orders (POs) when possible.  You will need to verify that the vendor takes UCLA purchase orders as a method of payment.
      3. Keep original receipts.
      4. All purchases/reimbursements involving food will need to be accompanied by an attendee list.
      5. Ebay and any other bidding vendors are NOT generally approved.
      6. You have 45 days to process a reimbursement.
      7. Here is a summary of the process it takes to order something:
        • Submitted to department purchaser,
        • Processed by purchaser,
        • Reviewed and submitted to vendor (for purchase) or to accounts payable (for payment),
        • Reviewed and processed by vendor or accounts payable,
        • Order processed vendor or check-cut requested,
        • Order mailed or check request processed,
        • Order received or check cut,
        • You receive order or reimbursement.
        • Note that shipping can extend the turn-around time drastically depending on the class of shipping you request.

      Presentation Slides
      UCLA Samueli Logistics and Materiel Management website: 

      For any additional questions, please email Marlon Williams at

      Career Center

      Danit Havton, Career Engagement Educator, Liaison to Samueli School of Engineering

      Virtual services, events, and resources available through Handshake

      1. Virtual career advising, virtual drop-in sessions, events & workshops, employer info sessions, on-campus recruiting, articles & digital resources
      2. Handshake, vmock, Parker Dewey, Forage, Focus2, vault, GoingGlobal, interviewstream

      Additionally, the Career Center resource page and their YouTube channel also provide up-to-date career advice

      Important links:


      Career Center Slides

      For any additional questions, please email Danit Havton at

      Undergraduate Internship Program (UIP), Undergraduate Research Program (URP), and Industry Liaison Committee (ILC)

      Will Herrera

      The purpose of the Undergraduate Internship Program is to support and facilitate students to search for and secure their first industry internship.

      Please visit the UIP website to learn more:

      The purpose of the Undergraduate Research Program is to support undergraduate students conducting research in communicating and publishing their work.

      Please visit the UIP website to learn more:

      The purpose of the Industry Liaison Committee is to function as a place for collaboration between student organizations on major professional events like career fairs, sharing resources and best practices, and data tracking for the School of Engineering.

      Please visit the ILC website to learn more:

      UIP/URP/ILC Slides

      For any additional questions, please email Will Herrera at

      Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

      Veronica Santos, Associate Dean of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion and Faculty Affairs

      At UCLA, diversity is an indispensable element of academic excellence. The UCLA Samueli School of Engineering is committed to providing a more equitable, diverse, inclusive and nurturing learning environment. We strive to achieving a diverse student and faculty body, with programs designed to complement a rigorous engineering education for anyone with the talent and the desire to succeed. A population rich in diversity expands the range of knowledge, experiences and viewpoints, leading to innovative new solutions that otherwise wouldn’t be possible.

      We encourage you to think about ways to address diversity, create inclusive spaces and communities for your membership. Please find more details and resources on the UCLA Samueli EDI website:

      EDI Slides

      For any additional questions, please email Associate Dean Veronica Santos at

      Resilience in Your Student Experience (RISE)

      Eboni Martin, Program Manager, Resilience In Your Student Experience Center

      Resilience In Your Student Experience (RISE) is an affiliate program of Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS). RISE serves as a campus wellness hub and provides an array of healing and educational programs, workshops, and self-directed resources to foster and support resilience, connection, and well-being.



        • A wellness oasis on campus to recharge, relax, and replenish
        • Healing programs including mindfulness groups, drop-in spaces, and trauma-informed yoga
        • Mental health and well-being workshops, dialogue and discussion spaces
        • Virtual wellness kits and resources, including a Meditation Library
        • Consultation and outreach support for the campus community
        • One-on-one assessments of student wellness needs with Health & Well-Being Coordinators

      UCLA Rise Center

      RISE Slides

      Caring for Yourself While Caring for Others handout

      For any additional questions, please contact Eboni Martin at


      Lab Safety & Resources for Technical Projects

      Lab & Space Safety

      Wes Uehara, Community College Outreach Coordinator & Engineering Transfer Center Director
      Alex Norris, EH&S Senior Safety Specialist

      ‘Be great leaders, keep everyone safe, and do no harm.’ All activities should start with consideration of the hazards involved in the activity and their impact on your team and our community.  As student leaders, we have a responsibility to understand and uphold campus and school policies that govern space use, safety, and what to do in the event of an emergency.

      Please visit the Lab & Space Safety for UCLA Samueli Engineering Student Organizations website at the following link:


      Lab & Space Safety Slides

      For any additional questions, please check out the contact information listed in the footer of the aforementioned website.

      Maintenance Issues & Accidents

      You must notify the following people of any maintenance issues or accidents:

      1. The President of your organization
      2. The Faculty Advisor of your organization
      3. Anthony Redon, Engineering Materials and Facilities Manager, and
      4. Wes Uehara, Student Organizations Staff Advisor, 

      UCLA Facilities Trouble Desk – reach out for all facilities maintenance issues (door locks, plumbing, HVAC, etc…)
      To submit a service request visit the UCLA Facilities Management site –
      To call in a service request, call 310-825-9236.


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