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    Degree Audit Process for HSSEAS undergraduates:

 The HSSEAS Degree Audit Process initiates the process for a graduating student to be cleared. Below are steps to follow one quarter before your degree expected term. Please note that students are ultimately responsible for verifying that all degree requirements have been met.

 STEP 1: Confirm that the correct degree expected term is declared with the UCLA Registrar’s Office via MyUCLA. Please note: Declaring a Degree Expected Term or update a Bachelor’s Degree candidacy must be done through MyUCLA BEFORE 172 units for Engineering students without a fee.Changing a degree expected term after 172 total units there is a fee.

      • You may declare or change your degree expected term via MyUCLA until second week of the quarter prior to your degree expected term.  After second week of the term you may try to use MyUCLA, but you may be prompted to declare in person at 1113 Murphy Hall or you may be prompted to complete and mail the Declaration of Degree Candidacy form.

STEP 2: Run your Degree Audit Report through DARS,/undergraduates/DARS,

  • view your audit
  • OPEN all sections
  • double check that you have declared your Technical Breadth Area (AND FOR BE, ChE, CEE, EE*, and MSE majors that you also declare Option/Pathway/Track*).  If not correct, please login to MyEngineering and declare/or update your TBR area and tracks (It will take at least 24 hours to update since it will require an overnight download of the latest information).
    *options/pathways for EE apply to pre-Fall 14 catalogs only
  • review every section to check that information is accurate, including your GEs and that you have correctly enrolled in classes in the right GE Foundation and category.
  • If course is falling under excess and should be meeting a requirement, then petition for consideration is required.
  • If petition is pending for course substitution, it is the student’s responsibility to enroll in a back up course until petition is approved
    (Note about staying within drop deadlines).
  • BEFORE going on to step 3 below, If anything on your DARS report looks incorrect (e.g. credit missing that you thought you satisfied) see an academic counselor/undergraduates/faqs#when-are-the-academic

STEP 3: File
a HSSEAS Statement of Degree Candidacy (SDC) form at 6426 Boelter Hall
ALONG WITH a hard copy of your DARS report that is signed and dated by you.
Winter and Spring Degree Candidates

Winter & Spring degree candidates must file a HSSEAS Statement of Degree Candidacy (SDC) form beginning week 3 (and no later than week 5)  one term before their degree expected term.  For example: If you plan to complete your requirements during Spring 2016, please file your Statement of Degree Candidacy (SDC) form during Winter 2016, week 3, week 4 and no later than week 5.

Summer and Fall Degree Candidates

Summer & Fall degree candidates must file a HSSEAS Statement of Degree Candidacy (SDC) form beginning in week 3 (and no later than week 5) one term before their degree expected term. .  For example: If you plan to complete your requirements during Summer 2016, please file your Statement of Degree Candidacy (SDC) form during Spring 2016, week 3, week 4 and no later than week 5.*

*Summer and Fall degree candidates who are interested in participating in the HSSEAS Commencement Ceremony must initiate this process through the Special Request Form during week one of the Spring quarter.  


 STEP 4:  If you submitted your SDC within the time period as instructed in STEP 3, as a   courtesy a Degree Auditor will send you a degree audit  via e-mail from ,, which will confirm your remaining requirements. The Degree Auditors will do their best to send the degree audit to you before the start of your final term, your patience is appreciated. Please check your spam filters! When you receive your audit please review it, double check it, and note the following:


STEP 5 : Once you are enrolled in your final quarter’s courses, before the start of your final term, Run another DARS AUDIT for yourself and verify that all sections are now satisfied. If there is any issue immediately come into 6426 BH to explain the issue.

  • NOTE: Double Majors or Minors – If you intend to graduate with a minor or a double (second major) you should have filed and been approved a Request to Double Major/or Minor at 6426 BH before you follow the degree audit process.   
  • For Majors and minors housed in the College of Letters and Science, please note that those departments may not approve you once you have 150+ units completed
  • For the two minors housed in HSSEAS (Bioinformatics & Environmental Engineering) you must be admitted to these programs before your final term.
  • Once you have completed your degree, you may not add a double major or minor.


STEP 6:  AFTER receiving your audit please remember to complete the Senior ABET survey, which is ALSO REQUIRED for commencement tickets (SEE HSSEAS Commencement tickets).  NOTE: Access to the survey is initiated through Step 3 so please be mindful of the steps.

Once you receive your degree audit you must work with the degree auditors from that point forward.  It is the degree auditor who will confirm your degree and authorize the Registrar’s Office to grant you your diploma.  It is not in your best interest to contact other OASA counselors for questions pertaining to your degree/diploma finalization.  Questions or concerns may be directed to:


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Requirements for B.S. Degrees:

  • You’re responsible to check your B.S. degree requirements in the HSSEAS Announcement for your catalog year.
  • HSSEAS students can check requirements via DARS.
  • Complete the mandatory Degree Audit Process One Quarter before your degree expected term.
  • The minimum units allowed for HSSEAS students are between 185 and 190, depending on the program.
  • The required minimum grade-point average is 2.000 for all course work completed (Cumulative GPA), all upper division course work used for the major (Major Field Upper Division GPA), and all required upper division course work (Upper Division GPA) completed at any UC campus.
  • Of the last 48 units completed for the B.S. degree, 36 must be earned in academic residence in HSSEAS on this campus. No more than 16 of the 36 units may be completed in Summer Sessions
    at UCLA.
    • Students that participate in the UCLA EAP program must be aware that UCLA does not include units taken
      through UCLA EAP as in residence.  If you exceed the residency unit amount while at UCLA EAP, a university petition, for
      review and consideration, must be filed at 6426BH prior to studying abroad.
  • Outstanding students may be eligible for Latin Honors at graduation.
  • Students with specific requirement questions should consult with their academic counselors in 6426 Boelter Hall.


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Important Information if you received your Degree Audit

Degree Candidates are advised to review their transcripts before degree completion and immediately upon posting of final term grades. You must immediately notify your HSSEAS Degree Auditor of any failed, non-passing, incomplete or “DR” grades OR of any changes to your academic record. Your degree will be awarded upon successful completion of final coursework. On degree conferral, the undergraduate record is closed. Students may not graduate in one term and then retroactively add majors, minors, or specializations or complete course work or add/drop courses, and so forth.

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Fee Reduction

The deadline to file for a fee reduction is Friday of second week of the quarter if you are eligible and wish to receive a fee reduction at HSSEAS Office of Academic and Student Affairs, 6426 BH. You will be required to pay your full fees by the University’s deadlines. If the Fee Reduction Request is approved you will receive a fee refund. The refund is a reduction of the Tuition by one-half and a reduction of the Nonresident Supplemental Tuition Fee by one-half.

Eligibility for the fee reduction

As a HSSEAS student, you may be eligible for a fee reduction if you are a degree candidate and in any one of your last three academic terms before degree completion and are enrolled in 10 units or less in that term.  If you choose to file this petition in a quarter prior to your final term, then you will not be approved for a fee reduction in your final term. You may only receive a fee reduction once in your last three academic terms on the basis of being a degree candidate.

If you wish to have a fee reduction for your final term, you must first:

  1. Follow the degree audit process and
  2. Receive confirmation from the degree auditor that you need no more than 10 units to complete your degree requirements and that you will be completing your degree at the end of the quarter in question. The degree auditor will inform you of the necessary paperwork to be filed.

Or if you wish to have a fee reduction for one of your last three academic terms (not your final term), go to the HSSEAS Office of Academic and Student Affairs, 6426 BH for more information on the petition process.

You may also be eligible for a fee reduction if you are a student who is not able to manage full time enrollment for reasons of family responsibilities or for health reasons and intends to enroll in 10 units or less.   It is presumed that your part-time student status is of a long-term nature and valid documentation must be provided for fee reduction consideration. Students who work  20 hours or more may petition to drop below the minimum term enrollment requirement of 12 units; however, not normally granted a fee reduction.  For more information on the petition process go to the HSSEAS Office of Academic and Student Affairs, 6426BH.

For more information, please go to the HSSEAS Office of Academic and Student Affairs, 6426BH.

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