Data Science Engineering Minor

Data Science Engineering: What is it?

This minor is intended to expose students to the entire life cycle of data science, from both foundational and application perspectives. The foundational courses develop these engineering skills:
How to collect, cleanse, and store data.
How to analyze and draw inference from data.
How to take action and make decisions.

A wide-ranging list of interdisciplinary courses are available to our Data Science Engineering students. These courses will build off of the skills you’ve developed in the foundational courses, and focus on their various applicational usage within the field of data science.


Tracking the Minor requirements

The best way to track your minor requirements is to use our planning worksheet.

Minimum Eligibility Data Science is open to any undergraduate major at UCLA.

Minimum requirements to Apply:

  • 3.000 UCLA Cumulative GPA and
  • Complete the 2 lower division requirements with a B- or better
    1. CS 32 (offered Winter & Spring, check Summer)
    2. Math 33A (offered every quarter)
  • EFFECTIVE WINTER 2024: Applicants to the Data Science Engineering minor must complete these minimum requirements with the grade indicated above AND they must earn the minimum grade (or better) on the first attempt in those courses. Repeat grades will not be considered. This is a firm requirement. 

Application Process/Adding the Minor (Accepting Applications starting Spring 2022)

Processing may take longer for Letters and Science majors with 150 total units or more, as we have to submit your request to the College for additional review.  You can check the status of this pending review on MyUCLA -> Petitions.

Planning and Enrolling in courses for the minor

20 units must be unique to the minor and not counting towards any other major or minor.

When are minor courses offered?

COM SCI proposed offerings

EC ENGR proposed offerings

Math proposed offerings

MECH&AE proposed offerings

For other department courses, you will need to check with that home department.

LS 30A & 30B

LS 30A & 30B

If you took LS 30A/B, you do not need to go back and enroll in Math 31A, 31B, 32A to meet requisites for your required math course.  You can just take MATH 32T or C&S BIO M32 to bridge from the LS 30 series to the Math 30 series.  This will leave you well prepared for Math 33 and Math 170E or C&EE 110 as a probability elective.

Course Description

(Same as C&S Bio M32.) Lecture, three hours; discussion, one hour. Requisite: Life Sciences 30A, Life Sciences 30B. Not open to students with credit for 31A, 31B, 32A, or 32B. Designed for life sciences students who have taken Life Science 30B. Methods and results of single and multivariable calculus essential for quantitative training in biology. Limits, differentiation (single and several variables), optimization, integration and methods of integration, Taylor polynomials and applications to approximation, Taylor and other power series, vector valued functions, gradients, and Lagrange multipliers. P/NP or letter grading.

Enrolling in Engineering Courses

Enrolling in Engineering Courses

If you are a declared minor, you should be able to add your required courses offered in Engineering. If you are having issues enrolling, please contact us via myUCLA Message Center.

If you have not actually processed the paperwork to add the minor yet you will not be able to add yourself.


Course is closed with enrollment of 0/0

It is pretty common to see a closed section with no enrollment or very low enrollment like 5 seats.  But also check to see if it is an “M” course, e.g. Com Sci M146, which is the same course as EC ENGR M146. The M indicates that the course is listed in multiple departments. Go to the course info to see what other departments offer the course (it may be numbered differently) and check the seats. It doesn’t matter if you enroll in CS or ECE in this example. It is the same course with the same credit. Enroll where there is room and it works for your schedule.

Requisite Error when Enrolling

Requisite Error

The system has trouble reading transfer or substitution credit. Engineering Departments, Math, and Stats can all be contacted via MyUCLA Message Center.  (click on the yellow “Need Help” box at the top of MyUCLA).  Indicate that you are a Data Sci Engineering minor (or planning to declare) and include how you meet the requisite and your section preferences.

Meeting with a CS Counselor

If you are having any difficulty or need help trying to find flexibility to fit minor classes in with your major requirements, you may meet with a CS counselor during Engineering drop in advising: Tuesday Mornings from 9-11am, Wednesday mornings from 10am-12pm and Thursday afternoons from 2-4pm.  Links to the zoom are found on our homepage  You can also contact us via myUCLA Message Center.