Enrollment Consideration Request (ECR) – typically opens shortly after first pass every quarter (except Summers).


For Fall 2024 enrollment the ECR is now open.

Engineering uses this form to collect data on additional demand for their courses when students can’t enroll because a course is full, or their major is restricted.

Opens EVERY QUARTER shortly after first pass enrollment begins.  The ECR is not utilized during Summer.  Students with summer enrollment questions please use the MyUCLA Message Center.

Please use this decision tree as a general guide.  Not every situation may be accounted for.  If you are not sure, use MyUCLA Message Center to ask an Engineering Counselor.

Should I submit an ECR?

Are you on the waitlist for the course you want to request or are you enrolled and trying to change sections?

  • Yes – You don’t need to use the ECR. You’re already part of the demand for this course.  Watch for seats opening in other sections or work with the instructor
  • No – Is the course you’re trying to enroll in full?
    • Yes – Submit 1 ECR per course
    • No – Are you an Engineering Major or minor?
      • No – Submit 1 ECR per course
      • Yes – Try to enroll during 2nd pass.  Is the course still open?
        • No – Submit 1 ECR per course
        • Yes – Are you receiving a requisite error?
          • No – Contact an Engineering Counselor for assistance
          • Yes – Did you complete the requisite with a transferred or substituted course?
            • Yes – Contact an Engineering Counselor for assistance
            • No – Requisites in Engineering are enforced.  Contact the instructor for a PTE in week 1.

Submitting an ECR

  • SUBMIT AN ECR as EARLY – It is most effective if you do this within a few weeks of enrollment opening.  Most counselors pull the ECR data after 2nd pass has been active for every student for at least 2 weeks.  If you are using the ECR after that, you are at a disadvantage as many departments have already acted on the ECR data or are currently finalizing any enrollment changes.  You want to be in that initial data and search for space.
  • YOU ONLY NEED TO SUBMIT AN ECR ONCE PER CLASS.  Once you do this, you are forever on the list for that course.  Multiple submissions do not increase your chances and are just VOID.
    • If you have updated information or made a mistake, it is okay to resubmit.  We’ll use your latest submission.
  •  INPUT YOUR INFORMATION ACCURATELY!!  So many emails are not complete (student@ucla), or misspelled.  Or we try to enroll a student and the UID does not exist.  A student who has taken the time to input their information accurately, will be enrolled quicker and will be getting notifications about course updates.
  • PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR ECR HAS COMPLETE DATA:  We ask for section preference, so give us a few choices or say “no preference”

Timing and Results

This will vary by course.  You will be notified after 2nd pass, but BEFORE the quarter starts.  

  1. If there are still open seats after 2nd pass
    • Students who have submitted an ECR for that class may be enrolled directly from the ECR into available seats
    • Students who have submitted an ECR for that class may be notified that the restrictions have been adjusted allowing for broader enrollment so they can enroll themselves.
  2. If the course is full after 2nd pass, the counselors will go to the departments with the demand data.  Several factors go into whether a course can grow.  Do they need to add a section or can the demand be accommodated otherwise?  Can the department afford another TA, is there even a qualified TA to open another section?  Is there a room in the current assigned room to grow or do they need to negotiate a swap with another department’s course? etc.  This can take a while to determine for each class.
    • As the counselor gets updates, they will send them to the students on the ECR.
    • If seats are added, it will go as described in #1.
    • If a course will not be able to grow, students will be notified so they can make an alternate plan (contact your major counselor if you need help)
    • Changes, updates, and adding courses can happen all the way up to the quarter start.

All ECR submissions should receive a reply one way or the other by the time the quarter begins.  If you are not receiving any updates, please check your Spam folder then contact a major counselor so we can check.

While you wait...

  • SUBMITTING AN ECR IS NOT A GUARANTEE OF ENROLLMENT.  We do everything we can to meet demand, but sometimes it is not possible to get all the factors to come together to make an increase.  This includes TA availability, Room availability, etc.  You will be notified in either case.
  • ENROLL IN A BACK UP COURSE.  You must still be enrolled in at least 12 units without your pending ECR request or any waitlist courses.
  • HAVE ROOM IN YOUR SCHEDULE FOR US TO FULFILL YOUR REQUEST.  This happens ALL THE TIME.  If you are waiting for the outcome of the ECR, please make sure to have ROOM for us to add you if we can.  We can not override the unit maximum limits. We will enroll students who have space in their schedules first.
    • If you are waiting for a few courses, or want to also be on some waitlists, please see your primary college for an excess unit petition if needed to have room in your schedule for us to add a 4 or 5 unit course.


The ECR is how enrollment demand is managed BEFORE the quarter starts.  It is your best chance at getting enrolled between the start of enrollment and the start of the quarter.  OASA works directly with the Undergraduate Vice Chairs and Instructors in their departments to try and meet the demand collected on the ECR.

A PTE number is something only the instructor for the course can give out.  In Engineering most faculty will not give out PTEs until the start of the quarter.  If you are only contacting the instructor for enrollment and not using the ECR at all, you are running the risk that they have already grown their class to accommodate ECR requests and you weren’t on that list.

1. Open a new window of your browser
2. Go to Google Drive – Personal Cloud Storage & File Sharing Platform – Google
3. Click “Sign in” in the top right corner (if you are signed into your personal account logout)
4. Enter your UCLA email (your myUCLA username followed by @g.ucla.edu) ex. joebruin@g.ucla.eduEnter your myUCLA password
5. Click the ECR LINK Submission Button