We are looking for extreme creativity and out of the box thinking for this project. Think as far out as 2050 when you are envisioning the future of warehouses and associated technology!

The manufacturing factory and warehouse environment for consumer goods is changing with the development of new technologies, including Internet of Things, wearables, 3D Printing and robotics/automation to meet increasing consumer demands such as same-day delivery requirements.

 At present, manufacturers produce and store their consumer goods in bulk on pallets– often moving the goods around the warehouse via forklifts and managing the storage of products through a racking system. This is today, but what does this manufacturing or warehouse environment look like in 20 years’ time and beyond? For instance, transporting goods using hyperloops eliminating truck transportation and drones for delivering the product to the customer.


Please share your ground-breaking vision of what the future warehouse in the consumer goods sector may look like in 2050 with less or no human touch points or interaction. Specifically:

1.  What technologies and equipment will future workers use to enhance warehouse operations such as inventory management?

2.  How will consumer goods move through this future warehouse. Consider:

         a.  Inbound: How are the products received into the warehouse?
         b.  Storage: How are the products stored within the warehouse?
         c.  Outbound: How are the products sorted and dispatched from the warehouse?

3.  Finally, please share any visuals or sketches of your ideas that have inspired your vision – along with any references to new technologies & companies of interest discovered during your research.

Apply here, https://www.mindsumo.com/contests/warehouse-factory-future