We are excited to announce an opportunity for two UCLA undergraduates to participate in
research in Professor Wesel’s Communications Systems Laboratory during winter and
spring quarters of 2020 followed by a summer internship at Zeta Associates in Colorado.
Working as a team, two UCLA undergraduates will use a software radio
environment provided by Zeta Associates to compare the complexity and
performance of polar codes and convolutional codes on 5G control channels. The
research team will be supported in their efforts by Prof. Wesel, his graduate
students in the Communication Systems Laboratory (CSL), and engineers at Zeta
Associates. The work will begin at UCLA in the CSL during winter and spring
quarters and continue during the summer at Zeta Associates facility in Aurora
Colorado. Pay is $22/hour for winter and spring research at UCLA and higher while
at Zeta Associates. Students will report progress weekly at the CSL research
meeting and give formal quarterly presentations to the CSL and to the Zeta
management team.

The required skill set includes the ability to work well on a team as well as
proficiencies in C++ (CS31), probability (ECE 131A), and communications systems
(ECE 132A).

More information about the CSL can be found at http://www.seas.ucla.edu/csl.
More information about Zeta Associates can be found at https://www.zai.com.
Applications should send a resume and cover letter to Professor Wesel at
wesel@ucla.edu with the subject line “5G software radio CSL/Zeta research and
internship program.” Applicants should be ready to commit to the full 9-month
experience. Applications due Friday November 15 with candidates selected for
interview announced Friday November 22.