We are a stealth startup in the autonomous driving space based in the Bay Area and DC metropolitan
region, funded by a well-known Tier 1 venture firm. Our core team includes faculty entrepreneurs
(Stanford and UC Santa Barbara) and veterans from industry (Uber, Apple, Samsung, Amazon
Lab126), who have successfully shepherded signal processing and machine learning innovations to
large-scale software for location improvement and safety at Uber, led the development of state-ofthe-art computer vision technologies that shipped over millions of Amazon devices, and have
delivered zero-to-one product experiences at Uber and Box.
Our mission and team expertise spans beyond software to advanced sensor systems, embedded
systems, signal processing, and machine learning. We look for people with a depth of expertise and
experience in one of these areas, and with the intellectual curiosity for interacting with, learning from,
and teaching world-class experts in areas outside their expertise.
We currently have multiple internship opportunities in the area of SW development. The candidate
will join a multi-disciplinary team of scientists and engineers and support multiple teams across the

● Work on web applications, data platform applications, and cloud based back-end services.
● Contribute to the definition, development, integration, test, documentation, and support of
software applications across multiple cloud and edge platforms.
● Work in a data driven environment, drive process improvement, and work with the
stakeholders to translate high-level, ambiguous business goals to working software
● Contribute towards the software development as well as the architecture of software
● Ensure scalability, availability and data security for your services.
● Own, troubleshoot & resolve code defects.
● Implement best practices for software development and documentation, and making sure
designs meet requirements.
● Implement test driven unit and end to end testing of any code you develop.
● Prepare technical requirements and software design specifications.
● Deliver high quality work under tight deadlines.

Required Qualifications
● Currently enrolled in or completed a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Computer Science or a
related field.
● 3+ months experience working on production software.
● Experience building production type software, leveraging basic OO design/development
skills, and practicing solid documentation methods.
● Experience with modern programming languages. (Python, Java, C/C++, JavaScript for
● Experienced with open-source technologies. (Linux, Bash)
● Experience with Amazon Web Services, e.g., S3, SQS, EC2, RDS, CloudFormation, Redshift or
equivalent experience in Google Cloud, Azure or other.

Preferred Qualifications:
● 1+ years experience working on production software.
● Experience with a client-server application model. Experience working with microservice
architecture environments is a plus.
● Experience developing production web applications, preferably at a large-scale in high-traffic
environments. Experience with full-stack production-grade web frameworks and tools are a
plus, for example Node.js, React (and JSX), Webpack, SASS/Less.
● Experience successfully planning, organizing, and conducting software development
projects in a dynamic environment. Experience with code review and task management
processes are a plus.
● Hands-on experience with modern infrastructure technologies, such as Terraform, Vault,
Packer, Kubernetes, Spinnaker, Istio, and Envoy.
● Experience interacting with databases (e.g. MySQL, Cassandra, …) and/or key-value stores.
(e.g. Redis, memcached, …)
● Experience developing cloud software services and understanding of design for scalability,
performance and reliability.
● Experience defining, developing and maintaining web service API’s.
● Experience supporting machine learning applications and data scientists.
● Ability to define system architecture and explore the feasibility of various designs.
● Experience with Big Data technologies, e.g., Hadoop, Spark, Flink, Hive, Kafka ..
● Experience managing a database (schema and/or system)
● Likes California

If this sounds interesting or relevant, please don’t hesitate to reach out to
with subject line “SW intern”. We’d love to hear about your experience,
and tell you more about what we’re working on!