Job Description
AEi Systems is looking for highly-skilled electrical engineers who are experts in Analog Circuitry/Power Supply Design and Analysis. We have an IMMEDIATE need for an ANALYST with strong analytical skills and knowledge of Power (DC-DC converters, POLs, Regualtors, etc.) sufficient to perform stress and worst case analysis of power systems.

Desired Skills & Experience 
Candidates MUST have significant experience in the following areas:

• Advanced SPICE user (preferably PSpice or Intusoft). You must have a LOT of experience using SPICE. If you used it once in a class two years ago, that doesn’t count.

• SPICE modeling of power circuits, converters (state space average modeling), power components, and magnetics

• Proficient in using Mathcad to write circuit equations for regulation, current limit, gate drive analysis, FET timing, etc.

• Familiar with power supply testing using scopes and VNAs

• Have performed WCCA and Stress & Derating Analysis (as per Mil-Handbook-1547, EEE-Inst-002, JPL, ESA, etc.)

• Familiar with the design of various converter topologies and architectures

• Technical Writing Ability

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