All candidates must have STRONG analog or digital circuit analysis skills and knowledge of basic
circuit operation. You will be performing analysis of cutting edge existing and developing designs. You
will use your knowledge, your experiences, and analysis tools and techniques to find, document and
fix issues. Unlike most typical design jobs, this position deals with multiple and diverse designs at a
rapid pace, allowing for a high volume of exposure and accelerated growth.

Job Description 

AEi Systems is looking for highly-skilled electrical engineers who are experts in Analog
Circuitry/Power Supply Design and Analysis. We have an IMMEDIATE need for an ANALYST with
strong analytical skills and knowledge of Power (DC-DC converters, POLs, Regualtors, etc.) sufficient
to perform stress and worst case analysis of power systems.

Desired Skills and Description

Advanced SPICE user (preferably PSpice or Intusoft)
• SPICE modeling of power circuits, converters (state space average modeling), power components,
and magnetics
• Proficient in using Mathcad to write circuit equations for regulation, current limit, gate drive
analysis, FET timing, etc.
• Familiar with power supply testing using scopes and VNAs
• Have performed WCCA and Stress & Derating Analysis (as per Mil-Handbook-1547, etc.)
• Familiar with the design of various converter topologies and architectures
• Technical Writing Ability

Preferred Qualifications 

• Knowledge of High Speed Design and Digital Circuit Operation: DDR, Serdes, Other Memories and
their Interfaces
• Knowledge of Electronics used in SPACE and RAD-Hard Applications
• Past experience working at a SPACE Satellite manufacturer
• Proficient in Connector, Cable, IBIS, and SPICE Modeling
• Technical Writing Ability

Additional Information 

Residency: Must be US Citizen or Permanent Resident (Green Card)
• Salary: USD $70,000 – $200,000 Per Year
• Located in Los Angeles, CA
• Career Level Required: Mid-Level (> 3 Years) or Experienced (Non-Manager)
• Education Required: B.S.E.E Bachelor’s Degree (Electrical Engineers only)
• Job Type: Employee or Contract – Full Time, Part Time

For more information on the position and apply, visit Aei Systems website https://www.aeng.com/jobs.htm