New Incoming Student Orientation

Purpose of orientation

The purpose of New Student Orientation is to make your academic transition to college life as smooth and enjoyable as possible.  This introduction to UCLA and our engineering community will provide a foundation for your role as a UCLA Engineering student.  Each orientation session will include a HSSEAS departmental advising session where you will meet the Associate Dean of HSSEAS along with an academic counselor from your major who will inform you of important academic policies, applicable transfer credit and deadlines.

Benefits of orientation

  • Familiarize yourself with HSSEAS academic policies and deadlines
  • Meet fellow students
  • Meet one of your Academic Counselors
  • Understand what UCLA requirements your transfer credit fulfills
  • Ask questions, in person, regarding your first UCLA quarter
  • Register for classes immediately
  • Become better prepared to enter UCLA

What Happens During Our HSSEAS departmental advising session?

During our engineering specific departmental advising session, you will be informed about various policies and deadlines that affect you as a student.  We will review any advanced placement and transfer credit and explain how it applies to your UCLA requirements.  You will also meet our Associate Dean who will provide an introduction to life as a UCLA Engineering student and the experiences that await you.  If you will be attending on campus orientation please click here.

How to Sign Up for Orientation

  • Freshmen: You will be able to sign up for a New Student Orientation session via MyUCLA, on May 8, 2017, at 3:00 pm (PST).
  • Transfers: You will be able to sign up for a New Student Orientation session via MyUCLA, on June 8, 2017, at 12:00 pm (PST).

Please visit UCLA’s UCLA New Student & Transition Programs to learn more details regarding registration for a Summer Orientation session.


Online/Email Advisement

Online advisement is not a substitution for on campus orientation. This method of advisement is meant to ensure that every student is aware of all academic policies and deadlines.  It is also a way to ensure that every student becomes responsible for their academic schedule.

Online/Email advisement is only available to students who cannot attend on campus orientation. This includes international students who cannot travel due to visa related restrictions or out of state students unable to travel. This form of advisement satisfies the main goals of communicating applicable transfer credit as well as providing course recommendations for your first quarter here at UCLA.  If you cannot attend orientation please click here.

Do You Still have Questions?
Please review our Frequently Asked Questions for responses to most concerns incoming students have regarding advisement, registration, course credit, and other orientation issues.

Contact Information
Please contact us for any summer orientation questions or concerns you may have.

Freshmen click here.

Transfer students click here.