Final Reminder Year Of The Startup Business Accelerator

Seven years ago, Y-Combinator started in Northern California, and
produced breakout companies with billion dollar plus valuations such as
DropBox and AirBNB among other big successes such as Loopt, Justin.TV,
and Reddit. It became very clear that the experiment had worked well
for both investors and entrepreneurs. This year, five new startup
business accelerators entered the scene in Southern California and have
started churning out companies. Representatives of all five of these
accelerators will be here at UCLA in Boelter 3400 to answer your
questions and to meet you. The event will be held tomorrow, Tuesday,
April 10th @ 4PM. Click here for more
I wish they had offered panels like this one when I was a student!
Perhaps you can start or join the next amazing startup coming out of
Los Angeles.