Begin a Career Protecting the Nation

The National Security Agency has multiple entry-level positions open for college graduates, including foreign language majors and STEM majors. If you’re graduating this spring, apply now to get ahead of the competition. These positions offer good salaries, extraordinary benefits and the opportunity to use your skills to protect the nation.

Apply Today for These Positions
The following five entry-level positions are open now. Several qualified candidates will be hired for each position. Follow links to apply.

  • Linguist/Language Analyst – Job ID 1122565
    Research foreign language targets and how they operate. Analyze, transcribe and translate key information.
  • Digital Network Exploitation Analyst – Job ID 1121141
    Perform global network analysis and mapping, perform exploitation and operations on target networks.
  • Computer Network Analyst – Job ID 1122536
    Analyze and evaluate foreign target networks and develop strategies against those networks. Identify cyber threats and vulnerabilities and build defensive response capabilities.
  • Telemetry Signals Analyst – Job ID 1113557
    Reverse engineer data transmitted by various systems to determine performance characteristics and capabilities.
  • Signals Analyst – Job ID 1122572
    Analyze signals from foreign communications, radar and other electronic systems. Identify and analyze waveforms, bitstreams and protocols.

Outstanding Benefits
These positions include health insurance, tuition reimbursement for advanced degrees, intellectual stimulation, job security and flexible scheduling to support work-life balance.

Many include participation in a development program, which often include three-year rotational tours to help you learn all you can about your chosen field.

Apply Today
Seniors, follow the links above to apply today and have a job waiting this fall. Learn more about NSA careers at