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Welcome to Fall 2022! Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Undergraduate Internship Program’s events and workshops will all be held online. Updates and services will be uploaded on this page and sent in our weekly email.


Philip Do

Hey everyone! My name is Philip and I am a third-year computer science and engineering major. I interned at Boeing in high school where I worked on a lunar regolith mining system and eventually became a lead for that internship program the next year. Last summer, I worked at Northrop Grumman as a software engineering intern who did front-end development. I did software research and development on a model-based systems engineering platform as an intern at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) this summer. Next summer, I will be in Seattle as a Cyber Intern for Risk and Financial Advisory at Deloitte. I am from Orange County, CA and my hobbies include skateboarding, working out, watching sunsets, and reading the Percy Jackson series. I also have a 2nd-degree black belt in taekwondo!

Sofia Lopez
My name is Sofia and I have experience interning at a biomedical device manufacturer, a weapons research company, and an environmental consulting firm based in Los Angeles. I’m involved in several Engineering organizations at UCLA, including SWE, ASME, and PIES. I’m a southern California native and love the outdoors. This inspired me to choose environmental science as her technical breadth.
Shreesh Karjagi
I am a fourth-year, international, first-generation student in the Department of Bioengineering at UCLA. My previous research experience with HERC – UCLA includes investigating a more detailed design and assembly of a hydrogen fuel cell-powered tricycle. I am also an undergraduate instructor for the Introduction to Engineering Design (E96): Electrocardiogram class. My research interests are focused on renewable energy and sustainability.
Aryan Agarwal
Hello! My name is Aryan Agarwal and I’m a fourth-year, international student from India, majoring in Electrical Engineering with a technical breadth in Computer Science. I am involved in various student organizations such as Bruin Racing, IEEE, and ASME. I interned at Botanic Technologies as a Business and Technology Development Associate and have been working at Miravel as an Electrical Engineering intern over this academic year. I will be working at Miravel over this summer as well. I love playing and watching all kinds of sports especially tennis, badminton, and cricket!
Anna Cosmin-Spanoche
My name is Anna Cosmin-Spanoche, and I am a fourth-year aerospace engineering major and statistics minor. I’m originally from Santa Clara, CA. I have had two internships, at The Aerospace Corporation, where I worked in the structural dynamics department, and at Boeing this past summer where I worked on safety risk management. I was also involved with research in the Campbell Group, in UCLA Physical Sciences. My main student group involvement within UCLA is with Rocket Project at UCLA, where I am currently president. Outside of engineering, I’m a member of the UCLA Snow Team! I love skiing, hiking, going to concerts, and trying new restaurants in LA. I am super excited to be a peer advisor this year and provide support to other UCLA engineering students!
Payton Bechefsky
Payton Bechefsky
Hi everyone I’m Payton! I am a fourth-year bioengineering major who has interests in the medical device, neurological, and animal science applications of bioengineering. I am currently interning with Biosignature Solutions, a startup company that helps those with mental illness find treatments through customized biomarker panels. My past research with Dr. Gulati involved studying rats to determine the effects of stroke on the brain and current research with Dr. Chen involves develop wearable bioelectronics to detect Parkinson’s disease and convert mechanical energy from the body to power wearable devices. I am also involved in several organizations, such as the neurotechnology clubs CruX and HAND, as well as a co-instructor for the Introduction to Engineering Design (E96): Electrocardiogram class. I like rollerskating around campus and chasing around my apartment cat when I have free time!
Sasha Grishchenko

Hi! My name is Sasha Grishchenko and I’m a senior chemical engineering student. I have interned with Entegris’ R&D department, and most recently worked in the implant operations team at Samsung Austin Semiconductor. At UCLA I’m involved with AIChE’s ChemE Car team, as well as the Student Alumni Association, and Engineering Ambassadors.

Vedha Sanghavi

Hello! My name is Vedha and I am a 4th year Mechanical Engineering student. This past summer I interned at Amazon Robotics – where I worked on their autonomous delivery robots. On campus I am involved with Bruin Racing, ASME and an EV Conversion Project with BHS. Outside of that I enjoy playing chess, biking and cooking!

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