The 2020 Summer Undergraduate Research Program was entirely held virtually due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Nonetheless, our SURP scholars persevered through our 8-week program, learning how to conduct research from our world-renowned UCLA professors and publishing in our Summer Undergraduate Research Program Journal.

Take a look at what we did this summer!

SURP Journal

The culmination of our SURP Scholar’s hard work, the Summer Undergraduate Research Program Journal!

The Summer Undergraduate Research Program Research Journal features all of our 54 students’ research, which includes their research’s abstract and poster.

Virtual Poster Symposium

Navigate through our Virtual Poster Symposium and hear our students explain their research! 

Award Winners

Best Presentation

Itohan Ero

Computer Science

To watch Itohan’s full presentation, please click this link.


Best Poster

Ben Lanir

Electrical Engineering

To view Ben’s poster and his short explanation of his research, please click on this link



Best Poster

Solaine Zhao

Electrical Engineering

To view Solaine’s poster and her short explanation of her research, please click on this link.

SURP 2020 Wrap-Up Video

To see the recap of the SURP 2020 program, please click on this link to watch the SURP 2020 wrap-up video!

Participating Faculty

  • Dr. Clarice Aiello 
  • Dr. Abeer Alwan
  • Dr. Henry Burton
  • Dr. Danijela Cabric 
  • Dr. Robert Candler
  • Dr. Anthony Chen 
  • Dr. Suhas Diggavi 
  • Dr. Christina Fragouli
  • Dr. Achuta Kadambi
  • Dr. Jonathan Kao 
  • Dr. Ankur Mehta
  • Dr. Sudhakar Pamarti 
  • Dr. Greg Pottie
  • Dr. Mani Srivastava
  • Dr. Lieven Vandenberghe
  • Dr. Rick Wesel
  • Dr. Benjamin William