New Incoming Student Orientation Attending

The following are recommended suggestions that will expedite your advisement during orientation.

  • Review for possible credit taken at any California community college
  • Submit any Advanced Placement scores, IB, or A-Levels to our admissions office (1147 Murphy Hall, Box 951436, Los Angeles, CA 90095-1436) to have UCLA course and unit credit granted.
  • Review the following link for specific information on advanced placement credit, 
  • Submit course evaluations for any possible Computer Science or Engineering course taken at any  four year university or community college (only if credit has not been granted via directly to our office, 6426 Boelter Hall. Please view the following link for more information,  /undergraduates/summer-session-and-transfer-course-equivalence#transfer
  • Once you arrive to the UCLA campus, submit syllabi for any out of state Math, Physics, Life Science or Chemistry course directly to each respective department for evaluation.  You will need to provide course descriptions and syllabi to make a proper and accurate evaluation of credit.

*Math – go to 6356 Mathematical Sciences Building
*Physics – go to 1-707A Physics and Astronomy Building
*Chemistry – go to 4006 Young Hall
*Life Science – go to 2305 Life Sciences Building