MAE Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

THE NEW AEROSPACE CURRICULUM – EFFECTIVE 2018-2019: Aerospace majors admitted Fall 2016 and later are already switched to the new 2018-2019 AE curriculum AND must declare either the Aeronautics or Space Track through



The senior capstone courses for Mechanical Engineering Majors are MECH&AE 162D and MECH&AE 162E.  These courses are only offered once a year as posted on the MAE term offerings page.  Students are advised to plan accordingly and are expected to make progress toward fulfilling requisites for the capstone courses.

  • MECH&AE 162D “Mechanical Engineering Design I” requisites are:
    MECH&AE 94 and
    MECH&AE 156A (or MECH&AE 183A or M183B) and
    MECH&AE 162A (or MECH&AE 171A)
  • MECH&AE 162E “Mechanical Engineering Design II” requisite is:
    MECH&AE 162D

We highly recommend students complete all the requisites to maximize 162D/E options.
The senior capstone courses must be taken in sequence in the same year (back-to-back in Winter/Spring).
Students are expected to stay with the same team in the same lab sections and time slots for both quarters.

If you are graduating Spring 2022, Summer 2022, Fall 2022, and Winter 2023 then you should plan to take the MAE capstone sequence in Winter 2022 and Spring 2022:

  MECH&AE 162D/MECH&AE 162E    
  Winter 2022/Spring 2022 times  (updated 12/15/2021)  
Lecture 1 MAE 162D/E Monday 2:00PM-3:50PM  
Labs Lab 1A (Monday 4:00PM-7:50PM)  
  Lab 1B (Wednesday 4:00PM-7:50PM)  
Lecture 2 MAE 162D/E Monday 12:00PM-1:50PM  
 Labs Lab 2A (Tuesday & Thursday 10:00AM-11:50AM)
Lab 2B (Tuesday & Thursday 6:00PM -7:50PM)
Lecture 3 MAE 162D/E Thursday 2:00PM-3:50PM  
Lab Lab 3A (Tuesday & Thursday 4:00PM – 5:50PM)  

Since you will be in the same lecture and lab times for both quarters you must pay attention to conflicts with remaining core courses and labs.   Students are strongly encouraged to complete labs MAE 157 and MAE 183A (or M183B) well before taking MAE 162D/E in order to avoid conflicts and lessen their workload. 

Below are possible conflicts with 162D/E for those that have remaining core courses/labs left to complete:

Possible Conflicts Winter 2022 (Updated 12/15/2021) Spring 2022 (TENTATIVE PLANS as of 12/15/2021)
MAE 105D TR 4:00PM – 5:50PM (conflicts with 162D, Lab 3A) MW 10:00AM-11:50AM (no conflicts)
MAE 133A TR 4:00PM – 5:50PM (conflicts with 162D, Lab 3A) TR 8:00AM-9:50AM (no conflicts)
MAE 156A MW 2:00PM-3:50PM (conflicts with MAE 162D, Lecture 1) TR 10:00AM-11:50AM (conflicts with 162E, Lab 2A)
MAE 157.1 MW 2:00PM-5:50PM (conflicts with 162D, Lecture 1 & Lab 1A & Lab 1B) MW 2:00PM-5:50PM (conflicts with 162E, Lecture 1 & Lab 1A & Lab 1B)
MAE 157.2 TR 2:00PM-5:50PM (conflicts with 162D, Lecture 3 & Lab 3A) TR 2:00PM-5:50PM (conflicts with 162E, Lecture 3 & Lab 3A)
MAE 157.3 TR 10:00AM-1:50PM (conflicts with 162D, Lab 2A) TR 10:00AM-1:50PM (conflicts with 162D, Lab 2A)
MAE 162A Not offered TR 12:00PM- 1:50PM (no conflicts)
MAE 171A TR 12:00PM-1:50PM (no conflicts) MW 12:00PM-1:50PM (conflict with 162E, Lecture 2)
MAE 183A Lecture MW 8:30 AM – 9:45AM (no conflicts) TR 6:00PM-7:15PM (conflicts with 162E, Lab 2B)
MAE 183A Lab 1A Monday 2:00PM-5:50PM (conflicts with 162D, Lecture 1 & Lab 1A) Monday 2:00PM-5:50PM (conflicts with 162E, Lecture 1 & Lab 1A)
MAE 183A Lab 1B Wednesday 2:00PM-5:50PM (conflicts with 162D, Lab 1B) Wednesday 2:00PM-5:50PM (conflicts with 162E, Lab 1B)
MAE 183A Lab 1C Friday 2:00PM-5:50PM (no conflicts) Fridays 2:00PM-5:50PM (no conflicts) 
MAE M183B Lecture MW 12:30PM-1:45PM (conflicts with 162D Lecture 2) Not offered
MAE M183B Lab 1A Monday 2:00PM-5:50PM (conflicts with 162D, Lecture 1 & Lab 1A) Not offered
MAE M183B Lab 1B Tuesday 8:00AM-11:50AM (no conflict) Not offered
MAE M183B Lab 1C Wednesday 2:00PM-5:50PM (conflicts with 162D, Lab 1B) Not offered
MAE M183B Lab 1D Thursday 8:00AM – 11:50AM (no conflicts) Not offered

With careful planning students should be able to avoid a conflict. If you have scheduling issues, please contact the MAE counselors via the MAE_Message_Center if you identify conflicts that can not be resolved and may need our attention.


FULL/CLOSED COURSE –  If a MECH&AE course is full or closed you should submit the Enrollment Consideration Request (ECR) form.

IMPACTED COURSES –  Courses designated as impacted have a 2nd week drop deadline.  Students can check the official UCLA Schedule of Classes to verify the impacted vs non-impacted designation of a UCLA course.  Currently, the following MECH&AE labs are now deemed impacted:

  • MECH&AE 157
  • MECH&AE 162D
  • MECH&AE 162E
  • MECH&AE M183B

WAITLISTED COURSES – If a MECH&AE course is on the schedule with wait list spots only then YES, the course is being offered that quarter.  Go ahead and secure a spot on the wait list section for the best chance at enrollment.  If all the wait list sections become full or closed then your next course of action is to utilize the Enrollment Consideration Request Form (ECR).

Please not that several MAE labs (e.g. MAE 157, MAE 162D, MAE 162E, MAE 183A) are set up as wait list only.  This means you will see a 0 in the enrollment section, but you will see slots available under the waitlist section.  To begin enrollment you must secure a wait list spot first.  These labs are set up this way for the following reasons:

  • the lab has physical space limitations and the demand for the lab may exceed availability.  The wait list allows the department to give priority to graduating seniors IF demand exceeds availability.  Please note In such a situation students would be contacted by the OASA MAE Advisors early about the possibility of being unable to be accommodated into a lab.  
  • the lab requires a first day of attendance to form groups and/or to submit the first homework assignment. You must check the official UCLA Schedule of Classes under the Class Notes section for details about what is needed to be moved from waitlisted to enrolled.
  • Priority Enrollment-  myUCLA will not allow priority enrollment for courses that have a wait list option only.  You must add yourself to the wait list during your FIRST pass.

Electives: Where can I find a listing of courses that satisfy a MAE elective?

Students should refer to the Samueli catalog announcement for the year they were admitted to the major to review the AE or ME elective list. Additionally, students may log into DARS, run an audit and see a list of AE or ME electives. The MAE Term Offerings page has more information on what MAE course will be offered this academic year.

MATH 33B vs MAE 82 (formerly 182A)

Effective 2016-2017 and onward: Aerospace and Mechanical majors take MECH&AE 82 “Mathematics of Engineering” (not MATH 33B) as their differential equations course.  The requisite for MECH&AE 82 is Math 33A and it is recommended that students take MECH&AE M20/C&EE M20 “Matlab” prior to enrolling in MAE 82.

Effective Fall 2017 MECH&AE 82 and MATH 33B are subset restricted, therefore you can not apply both courses toward degree requirements.  If a student takes UCLA Math 33B and then switches to the Aerospace or Mechanical Engineering major they will be held to the MECH&AE 82 requirement.  The department does not accept course substitutions.  

Older Students in the 2015-2016 and prior catalogs please read below to see how the MAE 82 requirement change affects you.  We recommend you speak to a OASA MAE counselor first to discuss the pros and cons of Math 33B vis MAE 82 for you:

  • If you did not take/complete MATH 33B, you can switch to the latest catalog and take MECH&AE 82 (formerly 182A).
  • IF you completed Math 33B prior to Fall 2017 and have not taken MECH&AE 82 (formerly 182A) you can switch to the new catalog and we will substitute Math 33B for MECH&AE 82. However, we highly recommend you take MAE 82.
  • If you completed MATH 33B prior to FALL 2017 and you did not take MECH&AE 82 (formerly 182A) you can switch to the new catalog and we will allow a substitution of Math 33B for MECH&AE 82.  However, we highly recommend you take MAE 82.
  • If you completed Math 33B prior to Fall 2017 AND you completed MECH&AE 182A or 82 (formerly 182A) you may be able to switch to the new catalog and apply Math 33B to the TBR if the course is a requisite for an UD course already in your TBR area (e.g. ENGR SCI or ENGR MATH) area. A petition for this may be necessary.


All engineering students are required to satisfy the Technical Breadth Requirement (12 units).  Please review the Technical Breadth page for an overview of this requirement.

Which technical breadth area should you choose? The Mechanical and Aerospace department does not endorse one area over another.  However, the department does want to point out the flexibility of the Engineering Science Area in regards to your major elective courses.  In particular, the engineering science area option enables you to gain more depth within your AE/or ME major should you wish to do so.  If you’re not sure which area to select we highly recommend this as a topic of discussion during your faculty advising meeting.

How does the Engineering Science Area flexibility option work?  Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering majors may apply required departmental breadth courses EC ENGR 100 and MAT SCI 104 toward the Engineering Science Area.  Please note you are not double counting EC ENGR 100 and MAT SCI 104.  Instead you are moving EC ENGR 100 and MAT SCI 104 from required department breadth to the technical breadth requirement in Engineering Science.  This means you would select one more course from the Engineering Science Area list to complete the three courses required.  You can then replace EC ENGR 100 and MAT SCI 104 with additional major electives from the available list of electives (see your DARS for the list).  Or via the petition process students may request to substitute any technical elective from Samueli course offerings (petition BEFORE you take the course as petitions are not guaranteed to be approved).

Technical Breadth Requirement (standard) vs. Engineering Science Area flexibility:

  Required Department Breadth Technical Breadth Requirement Major Electives Required (major field electives are listed in the Samueli catalog for your major or you can see the list in your MyUCLA DARS)
Standard(total 7) ECE 100, MSE 104 (2 courses) 3 courses from an approved TBR list (3 courses) 2 major electives required from list for your AE or ME major
(2 courses)
Engineering Science TBA flexibility(total 7) ECE 100, MSE 104 (2 courses) ECE 100 and MSE 104 (already satisfied) plus 1 more from Engineering Science TBA
(1 course)
2 major field electives from the list of electives for your major (ME or AE)
-plus 2 additional major field electives from the approved list for your major (ME or AE) or via petition another technical course from Samueli course offerings.
(4 courses)

PROGRAMMING OPTION (effective Fall 2014) - MAE M20 or Com Sci 31

Effective Fall 2014-2015 Mechanical and Aerospace majors have the option of taking either Com Sci 31 (C++ programming) or MECH&AE M20 (MATLAB programming; same as CEE M20) to fulfill their programming requirement. All Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering will eventually using Matlab in several upper division courses, therefore we recommend that you choose MECH&AE M20 for your programming requirement. If you are additionally interested in C++ programming you can take COM SCI 31 and try to apply it as a Technical Breadth Requirement in the Engineering Science area OR the CS Tech Breadth area. We advise you check-in with your OASA counselor to discuss if you have questions. Students in catalog years 2013-2014 and prior do have the option to take MECH&AE M20 in place of CS 31. For students who already completed CS 31, you may move CS 31 to be a Technical Breadth Requirement in the Engineering Science area OR the CS Tech Breadth area. A petition may be necessary. Please consult with a MAE counselor if you have questions about this.

REQUISITE ISSUE - The enrollment system states I do not meet the requisite, What do I do?

The MECH&AE Department enforces all requisites for their undergraduate courses. Please follow enrollment instructions outlined at the main OASA FAQ page for assistance.


If you are a student who for some reason is following a Samueli catalog prior to 2006 you are advised to meet with an Aerospace or Mechanical Engineering counselor in 6426 BH to review your credit.


All engineering 194s and 199s are initially approved for excess units. To review course credit policy for AE and ME majors please visit the 194/199 policy page. Consult with your OASA Academic Counselor if you have any questions regarding 194/199 credit.