Intels Act Now

Intel recognizes that a focus on girls’ and women’s empowerment is a
global priority with far-reaching benefits, and is committed to
providing education and economic empowerment to girls and women around
the world. Consequently, Intel is the founding corporate sponsor of
10×10. Educate Girls, Change the
World,<×10-the-film> which is a film and social
action campaign. The aim is to show that through education and economic
empowerment, girls and women will have greater opportunity to reach
their individual potential and contribute to the growth of the global
economy. To build awareness of these issues, Intel is hosting events on
select college campuses, including UCLA.
For over 40 years Intel has been creating technologies that advance the
way people live, work, and learn. Yet our focus is not simply on the
technology we make-it’s on what we make possible for people around the
world. We believe to foster innovation and drive economic growth, we
need to enable everyone, especially girls and women, with education and
employment and entrepreneurial skills. The data is compelling;
investing in girls and women, improves not only the lives of the girls
and women themselves, but also their families, their communities and the
global economy. And, ensuring that girls have access to a quality
education is a game-changer for a country’s prosperity.