Ideation Lab Cross Campus Entrepreneurship

Program Overview
The /Ideation Lab/ is the ultimate way to learn about high-growth
entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation. The students learn the
basics of how to start a business and gain the confidence to go and
change the world for the better.
This intense program is run over the course of two full days. The format
is a combination of inspiring lectures and structured interactive
workshop sessions where the students work in temporary start-up teams.
The program is designed to train participants in the art of ideation,
entrepreneurship and customer driven innovation. Through this immersive
learning experience participants will improve their creative capacity,
find inspiration, and learn how to identify problems. Participants will
build ideas into tangible concepts, prototypes and ventures that can be
brought forward in the fields of healthcare and education.
Through this program participants will be exposed to the following
learning outcomes:
* Adopt the entrepreneurial mindset – Learn to identify business
opportunities where other people see problems
* Use design thinking (creative tools and techniques) to co-create
great ideas as a team
* Make rapid prototypes and use visual communication to create a
professional pitch to a jury at the end of the workshop
Application Process
*Step 1: *Click here to apply <>
*Step 2:* Email your resume to
Selected participants must attend both full day workshops. We would like
to have every interested student at UCLA attend this event. However,
unfortunately space is limited. So if you are interested in attending.
Don’t wait apply now!
*Sponsored By: *Intel Corporation