Curriculum Updates

Curriculum and Course Updates
Electrical Engineering

WAITLIST-  The course I want is wait listed, what does it mean?

If an Electrical Engineering course is on the schedule as wait listed then it
is being offered.  Students who are interested in the course should
secure a spot on the wait list for best chance of enrollment.NOTE: Several of the EL ENGR design courses are wait list only due to very limited space.
A wait list allows the department to give priority to graduating seniors if demand exceeds availability.
the demand does not exceed available space then everyone on the wait
list will most likely be enrolled into the course.  Students who are
interested in the course should secure a spot on the wait list for best
chance of enrollment.  If all wait list spots become full then utilize
the Enrollment Consideration Request Form (ECR).


Capstone Design Requirement —  Starting Fall 14, the EE department will begin offering all of its
design courses as a two-quarter sequence which will have “in-progress” grading.
This means that the  grade for the course will not be assigned until the second
quarter of the design course has been completed. Continuing students who have
not yet completed their design course will be required to take the two-quarter
design sequence.  Completing the two quarters of design will automatically satisfy the pathway lab requirement since the lab experience will be incorporated within the design courses. In short,
students who take the design courses starting F14 will NOT be required to take a
separate lab course.  If you have already completed your pathway lab, you will
be permitted to use the extra quarter of design to satisfy one of the pathway lecture electives. Students who will be substituting the second quarter of design for either the lab or lecture elective should submit a petition requesting this substitution at 6426 Boelter Hall.
The EE department has indicated that students may choose any design course
sequence regardless of the pathway or option they are following.  See below for a list of recommended design courses per pathway/option:

Antennas and Microwaves:


Integrated Circuits:




Photonics and Plasma Electronics:


Signals and Systems:


Solid State:


Biomedical option:


Computer Option:


Note:  These are just recommendations.  Students can actually choose any of the design courses regardless of their pathway or option.


Changes in lab structure — Beginning F14, EE 10 and 110 will each have one-unit co-requisite labs which are 11L and 111L, respectively. Students who have not yet taken EE 10 or 110
should enroll in 10 with 11L and 110 with 111L instead of taking 110L.  For students who have already completed EE 10, the department recommends that you take 11L in Fall and then
110 and 111L in Winter. Students who have already completed both EE 10 and 110
are advised to take 110L.

Statistics 105 — Stats 105 was deleted and is no longer offered. The final offering of Stats
105 was Session C of  Summer Session 2014.  Students who have not yet
taken it will be required to substitute one
of the following:  an upper division EE course (except 100, 194, 195, 199) that is not being used to satisfy any other requirement, another upper division Stats course, or an upper division
math course* (please note the subset restrictions outlined at
/OASA/tba-documents/TBA.pdf if you choose to
substitute a math or stats course).  Petitions for this substitution should be
submitted at 6426 Boelter Hall.

*Math 106 will not be approved as a substitute for Stats 105

Renumbering of EE 103 — EE 103 has been revised and renumbered to EE 133A and now has
an enforced requisite of EE 131A (which is already a required course).

Please refer to the UCLA catalog — for
updated courses and descriptions.

Please refer to the updated EE course term offerings for 17/18.