Current CS Science and Technology (Sci-Tech) Options

  • Computer Science Majors Only.
  • Required: 12 units (at least 3 courses) of Science and Technology
  • These courses may not be used to satisfy other requirements in the major (no double counting in CS).
  • All courses are subject to the Subset Restrictions detailed here.  Double check that you are not taking more than one course from a subset as you will only be able to get credit for one.
  • There are 4 options to complete your SciTech, see below.

Option 1: Additional CS Electives

Take 12 units (at least 3) of additional upper division CS electives (numbered 100-187) not being applied to any other CS Degree Requirements.


  • CS 188 does not automatically apply and must be petitioned.  Petitions should include a list of all CS electives taken and planned.
  • CS 199 does not automatically apply, must be petitioned and reviewed by department vice chair.  See details for 199 credit.

Option 2: Additional Courses from your Declared Tech Breadth Requirement

Take 12 units (at least 3) of additional courses listed under your declared TBR

  1. Declare your Technical Breadth (If declaring Tech Management, you are not eligible to do this option)
  2. Instead of 3, you can take 6 courses in your declared TBR one area to satisfy both your TBR and your SciTech.  

Option 3: Courses from one of these listed Departments

Take 12 units (at least 3) Upper Division (100 level) courses from ONE of the following Departments

  • Enrollment access to the departments listed below is at the respective department’s discretion. There is no guarantee of access to the courses.  For many, enrollment is restricted for 1st pass.
  • You are responsible for meeting prerequisites to enroll.  You may petition ONE lower division prerequisite course with the upper division course that listed that prereq
  • Petitions for courses from departments not on this list, should be submitted (at 6426BH) well in advance of enrolling in courses for the vice chair to review.
  • Astronomy
  • Atmospheric & Oceanic Science
  • Biological Chemistry
  • Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering
  • Chemisry & Biochemistry
  • Civil & Environmental Engineering
  • Earth, Planetary, & Space Science
  • Economics
  • Electrical & Computer Engineering
  • Geography**(read below)
  • Linguistics
  • Management**(read below)
  • Materials Science & Engineering
  • Mathematics**(read below)
  • Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
  • Microbiology, Immunology, & Molecular Genetics
  • Molecular, Cell, & Developmental Biology
  • Physics
  • Statistics**(read below)
  • GEOGRAPHY:  GEOG 180 (formerly 167), 181A (formerly 168), 181B (formerly 170), 181C (formerly 173) 182A (formerly 169), 182B (formerly 172) , 184 (formerly 166), and M186 (formerly M171) only. Other courses subject to review; please attach syllabi and petition in advance of taking courses.
  • MANAGEMENT: ENGR courses that are a part of the Technology Management Technical Breadth must be petitioned to apply. Students who chose to complete their TBR in Tech Mgmt may not complete the Sci-Tech requirements with additional MGMT courses
  • MATHEMATICS: Math 100-106 and 182 are not approved; Math 116 not approved for students with credit for CS 183 ; Math 156 not approved for students with credit for CS M146, effective F2020 (Math 100-106 will not apply)
  • STATISTICSSTATS 112 and C116 are not approved for the STATS Sci-tech.

Effective Fall 2018, DESMA is not a listed Sci-Tech Option because of the enrollment stress on this small department. If you have already started taking some of these courses prior to Fall 18, you may propose other dept courses that make sense for this area e.g. CS 174A or 188 (Depending on the topic). All courses subject to review; please attach syllabi and petition in advance of taking courses.  It is possible that you will need to select and take 3 courses from a different area.


Option 4: Life Science Prep

Take 3 courses from CHEM 20A, 20B, 30A, (LIFESCI 3 or 7A).

This combination of courses can be use to acquire prerequisites for the Genomics or Pre-med TBR or the Bioinformatics minor 

**LS 7A will not automatically apply because can be picked up as a LS GE.  To have it moved to Sci-Tech, please submit a petition and plan to take an alternate Life Science GE.