Class Planning for Civil Engineering



Your catalog lists all of the curriculum requirements you are required to follow in order to earn your Civil Engineering degree. The requirements tend to change year to year, so it’s crucial you pay attention to your catalog year. Generally, your catalog year is the first quarter in which you start taking courses in the program.

For example, if you begin the Civil Engineering major Fall 2021, you would follow the 2021-2024 catalog year.

If at any time you take more than one term absence and later return to UCLA through the readmission process, your catalog year would default to the year you are re-admitted to the program, not the year you first started.


Planning Worksheets

Determine your catalog year and use the corresponding worksheet below to aid alongside your Degree Audit Report. You can plan out your path to the degree using our term offering page.

Note: Please check the Registrar’s Schedule of Classes for the official course offerings term by term. DO NOT refer to the Registrar’s tentative schedule.