Your Career Bridge to The Future!

Develop your skills and creativity in our multi-service company!

Take advantage of our career opportunities with our Transportation teams in Westlake Village and Santa Barbara! As an intern, you’ll collaborate with designers, planners, engineers, project managers, and technical leaders to explore the frontiers of Civil Engineering and design, hone your skills, and build your resume working on actual projects!

What you can expect from our Internship Program:

  • Develop learning objectives and goals that are structured and supervised by an MNS professional.
  • Experience academic, career and/or personal development.
  • Embrace learning objectives, observation, reflection and evaluation.
  • Exploration of other market service department such as Construction Management, and Government Services.
  • Soft skill development by attending industry meetings and luncheon learning opportunities.
  • Establish ongoing mentor/mentee relations beyond the summer.
  • Incorporate a platform whereby the interns can continue to communicate with each other post-internship.
  • One-on-one coaching to professionally communicate your attributes to peers and potential employers.

Our Culture
We commit to improvement processes with the belief that our employees are our greatest resource. We nurture a culture where each individual’s abilities, experience and style are encouraged, rewarded, valued and shared in a way that strengthens the overall outcome of each discipline. On a personal level, we host annual events and encourage outside activities such as company-sponsored softball teams and other community events. As a mid-sized firm, we’re afforded flexibility to maintain a casual yet professional environment.

Our Employees
Our employees enjoy an exceptional quality of life in the communities in which we’re located. We value living in a region that offers an abundance of outdoor activities, cultural events and festivals, wine country, palm tree-lined beaches, and fantastic weather year-round.

Our Clients
We serve the transportation, water resources, government, and federal markets throughout California. We have an impressive portfolio to share with you; some of these projects may be in your own backyard! You can start your career on a multi-million-dollar Caltrans project, municipal water pipeline design, or a new bridge/interchange project on the US 101. Our diverse client base provides a variety of projects in the various markets we serve.

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