Cisco Event

Research partnerships between industry and academia are grown through relationships, a mutual desire for innovation, and opportunities for collaboration. Relationships mature through the mobility (virtual or otherwise) of academics, graduates, and seasoned industry professionals.
From an industry perspective, innovation is driven by a need to develop “desirable” products, competitive markets and a dynamic talent pool. Academics are motivated by the search for knowledge, the desire to publish, the drive to keep curriculum relevant and the synergy that
comes from mentoring top students. Research in industry ranges from in-house “labs” to a hybrid combination of company acquisitions, university partnerships, tech talks, workshops, forums, sabbaticals, internships, PI research awards, equipment donations, and corporate philanthropy. This talk will present several research engagement models and outline Cisco’s approach to external research. This talk should be of interest to PIs, researchers, and graduate students.* *
Steven Fraser joined the Cisco Research Center as director in 2007 with responsibilities for developing and managing university research relations. Prior to joining Cisco, Steve held a variety of technical management roles at Qualcomm (San Diego), Nortel (Santa Clara), the
Software Engineering Institute (SEI) at CMU (Pittsburgh), and at Bell-Northern Research (Ottawa). Steve has held a variety of leadership positions for the ACM’s OOPSLA, the IEEE’s ICSE and the XP200N series of software conferences. Steve earned a doctorate (Electrical Engineering) from McGill University in Montréal — and is a senior member of both the
ACM and the IEEE.