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Career/Internship/Job/Resume – Where can I go for help?

ChE 10 –Is this required?

Options – What are the differences between the 5 options?

myUCLA Enrollment Problems

Career/Internship/Job/Resume – Where can I go for help?

Bill Beard
5532-F Boelter Hall

Please regularly check office door for posted available hours.
Chemical Engineers only.

ChEs who want help with resumes, cover letters, and/or job/internship searches are encouraged to visit Bill throughout the year and especially at the beginning of the Fall term. Bill is available to help chemical engineering students from the freshman year through graduate school degrees.

Career Center

HSSEAS Internship/Job/Undergraduate
Research Opportunities 

Ch Engr 10 – Is this required?

Ch Engr 10 is a required course for all Ch Engr students. This course will not be waived or substituted.

Options – What are the differences between the 5 options?


The Biomedical Engineering option is designed for those students who are interested in a healthcare career in medicine, dentistry, pharmacology, etc.  The curriculum meets most requirements for medical and dental school, but students should consult with a pre-medicine or pre-dentistry adviser in the Career Center regarding their course plans.


The Biomolecular Engineering option is designed for those students who intend to pursue careers in the
bioprocessing/biotechnology area.  The 104D lab builds upon the biochemical reaction engineering (CBE C115) and bioseparations (CBE C125) courses to give students a hands-on educational experience with the steps involved in producing a recombinant protein, from the design of the recombinant organism, through its culture and harvesting, to purification and characterization of the product.
Graduating students are thus well prepared for careers with biotechnology companies such as Genentech and Amgen or with firms employing bioprocessing for production of products ranging from foods to biofuels.


The Semiconductor Manufacturing option is designed for those students who are interested in mastering the concept and practice of chemical processing in the fabrication of advanced materials, nanoelectronics, micro-chemical and micro-electromechanical systems, and novel integrated device.  The multidisciplinary nature of this option prepares the students well for the real world environment where engineers from various disciplines work towards a common goal through effective communications.


This option provides a student with the fundamentals of chemical engineering, and it allows one to focus on the applications of science and engineering to pollution control and on issues related directly to environmental protection. 


The core curriculum provides a student with excellent training in the fundamentals of chemical and biomolecular engineering. In addition, it allows one the flexibility to take advanced chemistry and engineering courses in a broad range of topics, including materials processing, specialty chemicals, biotechnology, energy, and environment.

myUCLA Enrollment Problems

If myUCLA says you do not meet the requisites even though you really did, follow the instructions here:

MyUCLA may not recognize AP credit, EAP credit, or transfer credit from another school.  MyUCLA (formerly myUCLA) may also have trouble recognizing approved petition substitutions for required courses.
If you believe you fulfilled the requisite through a course you took at another school then you should contact the department that teaches that course for enrollment assistance.   In most cases myUCLA will give you a warning that you can bypass and still enroll. 

However, many departments limit FIRST pass enrollment to students in that department’s
major(s) and then open the course enrollment to other majors during SECOND pass. This is the case with most HSSEAS courses (e.g. Bioengineering courses have a first pass enrollment restriction to bioengineering majors, then the courses open to other HSSEAS majors second pass).

Priority Enrollment-  myUCLA will not allow priority enrollment for courses that have a wait list option only.  You must add yourself to the wait list during your FIRST pass.

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