2022-2023 Bioengineering Faculty Areas of Thesis Guidance


Denise R. Aberle, MD (U. Kansas, 1979)

Medical imaging informatics: imaging-based clinical trials, medical data visualization

Corey W. Arnold, PhD (UCLA, 2009)

Computational medical imaging, machine learning, quantitative phenotyping, disease prediction, graphical modeling, natural language processing, data visualization

Pei-Yu Chiou, PhD (UC Berkeley, 2005)

Optofluidics systems

Mark S. Cohen, PhD (Rockefeller, 1985)

Rapid methods of MR imaging, fusion of electrophysiology and fMRI, advanced approaches to MR data analysis, ultra-low field MRI using SQUID detection, low energy focused ultrasound for neurostimulation

Linda L. Demer, MD, PhD (Johns Hopkins, 1983)

Vascular biology, biomineralization, vascular calcification, mesenchymal stem cells

Timothy J. Deming, PhD (UC Berkeley, 1993)

Polymer synthesis, polymer processing, supramolecular materials, organometallic catalysis, biomimetic materials, polypeptides

Dino Di Carlo, PhD (UC Berkeley, 2006)

Microfluidics, biomedical microdevices, cellular diagnostics, cell analysis and engineering

Tzung K. Hsiai, MD (U. Chicago, 1993), PhD (UCLA, 2001)

Cardiovascular mechanotransduction, MEMS and nanosensors, vascular endothelial dynamics, molecular imaging of atherosclerotic lesions, reactive nitrogen species (RNS) and reactive oxygen species (ROS)

Bahram Jalali, PhD (Columbia, 1989)

RF photonics, fiber-optic integrated circuits, integrated optics, microwave photonics

Daniel T. Kamei, PhD (MIT, 2001)

Molecular cell bioengineering, rational design of molecular therapeutics, systems-level analyses of cellular processes, drug delivery, diagnostics

Andrea M. Kasko, PhD (U. Akron, 2004)

Polymer synthesis, biomaterials, tissue engineering, cell-material interactions

H. Pirouz Kavehpour, PhD (MIT, 2003)

Microscale fluid mechanics, transport phenomena in biological systems, physics of contact line phenomena, complex fluids, non-isothermal flows, micro- and nano-heat guides, microtribology

Chang-Jin (CJ) Kim, PhD (UC Berkeley, 1991)

Microelectromechanical systems: micro/nano fabrication technologies, structures, actuators, devices, and systems; microfluidics involving surface tension (especially droplets)

Debiao Li, PhD (U. Virginia, 1992)

Development and clinical application of fast MR imaging techniques for the evaluation of the cardiovascular system

Song Li, PhD (UC San Diego, 1997)

Stem cell engineering, tissue engineering and vascular remodeling, mechanobiology/mechanotransduction

Wentai Liu, PhD (U. Michigan, 1983)

Neural engineering

Arash Naeim, MD (UCLA, 1995), PhD (RAND Graduate School, 2002)

Remote monitoring, wearable sensors, big data analytics, clinical informatics, health care analytics

Aydogan Ozcan, PhD (Stanford, 2005)

Photonics, nano- and bio-technology

Jacob Rosen, PhD (Tel Aviv U., Israel, 1997)

Natural integration of a human arm/powered exoskeleton system

Jacob J. Schmidt, PhD (U. Minnesota, 1999)

Bioengineering and biophysics at micro and nanoscales, membrane protein engineering, biological-inorganic hybrid devices

Vivek Shetty, DDS, DrMedDent (U. Regensburg, Germany, 1992)

Mobile health, biosensors, salivary diagnostics, value-based health care

Kalyanam Shivkumar, MD (U. Madras, India, 1990), PhD (UCLA, 1999)

Mechanisms of cardiac arrhythmias in humans, complex catheter ablation, medical technology for cardiovascular therapeutics

Maie St. John, MD, PhD (Yale, 1999)

Novel diagnostic and treatment modalities for head and neck cancer

Yi Tang, PhD (Caltech, 2002)

Biosynthesis of proteins/polypeptides with unnatural amino acids, synthesis of novel anti-biotics/antitumor products

Michael A. Teitell, MD (UCLA, 1993), PhD (UCLA, 1991)

Immune system development and cancer; regulation of gene expression in development and malignancy; linking RNA processing with mitochondrial homeostasis, metabolism and proliferation; nanoscale evaluation of malignant transformation

Cun Yu Wang, DDS (Peking U., China, 1989), PhD (U. North Carolina Chapel Hill, 1998)

Molecular signaling (NF-KB and Wnt) tumor-invasive growth and metastasis, adult mesenchymal stem cells, dental stem cells and regenerative medicine, inflammation and innate immunity

Paul S. Weiss, PhD (UC Berkeley, 1986)

Atomic-scale surface chemistry and physics, molecular devices, nanolithography, bio- physics and neuroscience, nanometer-scale electronics and storage, surface interactions, surface motion, dynamics, and direct manipulation, extending capabilities of scanning tunneling microscope, molecular-scale control and measurement of composition and properties in membranes

Gerald C.L. Wong, PhD (UC Berkeley, 1994)

Antimicrobials and antibiotic-resistant pathogens, bacterial communities, cystic fibrosis, apoptosis proteins and cancer therapeutics, disinfection and water purification, self-assembly in biology and biotechnology, physical chemistry of solvation, soft condensed matter physics, biophysics

Benjamin M. Wu, DDS (U. Pacific, 1987), PhD (MIT, 1997)

Biomaterials, cell-material interactions, materials processing, tissue engineering, prosthetic and regenerative dentistry

Yang Yang, PhD (U. Massachusetts Lowell, 1992)

Conjugated polymers and applications in optoelectronic devices such as light-emitting diodes, photodiodes, and field-effect transistors

Professors Emeriti

Chih-Ming Ho, PhD (Johns Hopkins, 1974)

Molecular fluidic phenomena, microelectromechanical systems (MEMS), bionano technologies, biomolecular sensor arrays, control of cellular complex systems, rapid search of combinatorial medicine

Edward R.B. McCabe, PhD (USC, 1972), MD (USC, 1974)

Stem cell identification, regenerative medicine, systems biology

Associate Professors

Elisa Franco, PhD (U. Trieste, Italy, 2007)

Convergence of structural biology, dynamics and controls using specialized biomolecular frameworks

Liang Gao, PhD (Rice, 2011)

Biomedical optics, tissue imaging, ultra-fast optics, hyperspectral imaging

William Hsu, PhD (UCLA, 2009)

Deep and reinforcement learning, data integration, clinical data science, imaging informatics

Dan Ruan, PhD (U. Michigan Ann Arbor, 2008)

Signal and image processing, system modeling and optimization, time series, data science and informatics

Holden H. Wu, PhD (Stanford, 2009)

Signal and image processing, magnetic resonance imaging, MRI-guided interventions, nanotheranostics

Assistant Professors

Jun Chen, PhD (Georgia Tech, 2016)

Biomaterials, biomedical devices, wearable bioelectronics, smart textiles, nanogenerator, body area network

Tyler R. Clites, PhD (MIT, 2018); joint program certificate, Harvard Medical-MIT (2018)

Bionic systems to rehabilitate and augment human function; movement biomechanics; neural interfacing and control; advancements in orthopaedic and plastic surgery

Aaron S. Meyer, PhD (MIT, 2014)

Molecular cell bioengineering, systems-level cellular signaling analysis, model-driven analysis and design, cancer and innate immune signaling

Jennifer L. Wilson, PhD (MIT, 2016)

Drug target prioritization using downstream protein effects

Adjunct Professor

Zhen Gu, PhD (UCLA, 2010)

Drug delivery, biomaterials, cell therapy, micro- and nano-biotechnology

Adjunct Associate Professors

Sophia N. Barbarie, PhD (UCLA, 2006)

Orthopedic biomechanics

Stephanie K. Seidlits, PhD (U. Texas Austin, 2010)

Neural tissue engineering, spinal cord injury, gene therapy, hydrogels, cell-material interactions, high-throughput biological techniques, nervous system extracellular matrix, neural stem cells and development

Bill J. Tawil, MBA (California Lutheran, 2006), PhD (McGill, 1992)

Skin tissue engineering, bone tissue engi-neering, vascular tissue engineering, wound healing

Adjunct Assistant Professor

Chase Linsley, PhD (UCLA, 2015)

Biomaterials, tissue engineering, drug delivery, additive manufacturing

Affiliated Faculty

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