2021-2022 Computer Science Faculty Areas of Thesis Guidance


Junghoo (John) Cho, PhD (Stanford, 2002)

Databases, web technologies, information discovery and integration

Jason (Jingsheng) Cong, PhD (U. Illinois, 1990)

Electronic design automation, energy-efficient computing, customized computing for big-data applications, highly scalable algorithms, quantum computing

Adnan Y. Darwiche, PhD (Stanford, 1993)

Knowledge representation and automated reasoning (symbolic and probabilistic), applications to diagnosis, prediction, planning, and verification

Joseph J. DiStefano III, PhD (UCLA, 1966)

Dynamic biosystems modeling methodology, simulation, clinical therapy and experiment design optimization; pharmacokinetics (PK), pharmacodynamics (PD), physiologically based PK (PKPD), epidemiological modeling

Eleazar Eskin, PhD (Columbia, 2002)

Bioinformatics, genetics, genomics, machine learning

Eliezer M. Gafni, PhD (MIT, 1982)

Computer communication, networks, mathematical programming algorithms

Eran Halperin, PhD (Tel Aviv U., Israel, 2000)

Computational biology, population genetics, statistical genetics and epigenetics, machine learning, algorithms

Miryung Kim, PhD (U. Washington, 2008)

Software engineering specifically on software evolution

Richard E. Korf, PhD (Carnegie Mellon, 1983)

Problem solving, heuristic search, planning in artificial intelligence

Songwu Lu, PhD (U. Illinois, 1999)

Integrated-service support over heterogeneous networks, e.g., mobile computing environments, Internet and Activenet: networking and computing, wireless communications and networks, computer communication networks, dynamic game theory, dynamic systems, neural networks, and information economics

Todd D. Millstein, PhD (U. Washington, 2003)

Programming language design, static type systems, formal methods, software model checking, compilers

Stanley J. Osher, PhD (New York U., 1966)

Scientific computing and applied mathematics

Rafail Ostrovsky, PhD (MIT, 1992)1

Theoretical computer science algorithms, cryptography, complexity theory, randomization, network protocols, geometric algorithms, data mining

Jens Palsberg, PhD (Aarhus U., Denmark, 1992)

Compilers, embedded systems, programming languages

Miodrag Potkonjak, PhD (UC Berkeley, 1991)

Computer-aided analysis and synthesis of system level designs, behavioral synthesis, and interaction between high-performance application-specific computations and communications

Glenn D. Reinman, PhD (UC San Diego, 2001)

Microprocessor architecture, exploitation of instruction/thread/memory-level parallelism, power-efficient design, hardware/software co-design, multicore and multiprocessor design

Amit Sahai, PhD (MIT, 2000)

Theoretical computer science, cryptology, computer security, algorithms, error-correcting codes and learning theory

Majid Sarrafzadeh, PhD (U. Illinois, 1987)

Computer engineering, embedded systems, VLSI CAD, algorithms

Stefano Soatto, PhD (Caltech, 1996)

Computer vision; shape analysis, motion analysis, texture analysis, 3-D reconstruction, vision-based control; computer graphics: image-based modeling and rendering; medical imaging: registration, segmentation, statistical shape analysis; autonomous systems: sensor-based control, planning non-linear filtering; human-computer interaction: vision-based interfaces, visibility, visualization

Mani B. Srivastava, PhD (UC Berkeley, 1992)

IoT, edge computing, and human-cyber-physical systems; ML/AI for real-time and resource-constrained systems; security and privacy; applications in mobile health and smart environments

Demetri Terzopoulos, PhD (MIT, 1984)

Computer graphics, computer vision, medical image analysis, computer-aided design, artificial life/intelligence

Mihaela van der Schaar, PhD (Eindhoven U. Technology, Netherlands, 2001)

Multimedia processing and compression, multimedia networking, multimedia communications, multimedia architectures, enterprise multimedia streaming, mobile and ubiquitous computing

George Varghese, PhD (MIT, 1993)

Network algorithmics, network verification

Wei Wang, PhD (UCLA, 1999)

Data mining, bioinformatics and computational biology, databases

Lixia Zhang, PhD (MIT, 1989)

Computer network, Internet architecture, protocol designs, security and resiliency of large-scale systems

Song-Chun Zhu, PhD (Harvard, 1996)

Computer vision, statistical modeling and computing, vision and visual arts, machine learning

Professors Emeriti

Algirdas A. Avizienis, PhD (U. Illinois, 1960)

Digital computer architecture and design, fault-tolerant computing, digital arithmetic

Rajive L. Bagrodia, PhD (U. Texas, 1987)

Wireless networks, nomadic computing, parallel programming, performance evaluation of computer and communication systems

Alfonso F. Cardenas, PhD (UCLA, 1969)

Database management, distributed heterogeneous and multimedia (text, image/picture, video, voice) systems, information systems planning and development methodologies, software engineering, medical informatics, legal and intellectual property issues

Jack W. Carlyle, PhD (UC Berkeley, 1961)

Communication, computation theory and practice, algorithms and complexity, discrete system theory, developmental and probabilistic systems

Wesley W. Chu, PhD (Stanford, 1966)

Distributed computing, distributed database, memory management, computer communications, performance measurement and evaluation for distributed systems and multiaccess packet-switched systems

Michael G. Dyer, PhD (Yale, 1982)

Artificial intelligence; natural language processing; connectionist, cognitive, and animat-based modeling

Milos D. Ercegovac, PhD (U. Illinois, 1975)

Application-specific architectures, digital computer arithmetic, digital design, low-power systems, reconfigurable systems

Sheila A. Greibach, PhD (Harvard, 1963)

Theoretical computer science, computational complexity, program schemes and semantics, formal languages, automata, computability

Leonard Kleinrock, PhD (MIT, 1963)

Computer networks, computer-communication systems, resource sharing and allocation, computer systems modeling analysis and design, queueing systems theory and applications, performance evaluation of congestion-prone systems, performance evaluation and design of distributed multi-access packet-switching systems, wireless networks, mobile computing, nomadic computing, and distributed and parallel processing systems

Allen Klinger, PhD (UC Berkeley, 1966)

Pattern recognition, picture processing, biomedical applications, mathematical modeling

Lawrence P. McNamee, PhD (U. Pittsburgh, 1964)

Computer graphics, discrete simulation, digital filtering, computer-aided design, LSI fabrication techniques, printed circuit board design

Richard R. Muntz, PhD (Princeton, 1969)

Multimedia systems, database systems, data mining

D. Stott Parker, Jr., PhD (U. Illinois, 1978)

Data mining, information modeling, scientific computing, bioinformatics, database and knowledge-based systems

Judea Pearl, PhD (Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn, 1965)

Artificial intelligence, philosophy of science, reasoning under uncertainty, causal inference, causal and counterfactual analysis

David A. Rennels, PhD (UCLA, 1973)

Digital computer architecture and design, fault-tolerant computing, digital arithmetic

Carlo A. Zaniolo, PhD (UCLA, 1976)

Knowledge bases and deductive databases, parallel execution of PROLOG programs, formal software specifications, distributed systems, big data, artificial intelligence, and computational biology

Associate Professors

Jason Ernst, PhD (UCLA, 2008)

Computational biology, bioinformatics, machine learning

Alyson K. Fletcher, PhD (UC Berkeley, 2006)

Applied mathematics including inverse problems, statistical physics, dynamical systems, machine learning, information theory

Raghu Meka, PhD (U. Texas Austin, 2011)

Complexity theory, pseudorandomness, algorithms, learning probability and data mining

Alexander Sherstov, PhD (U. Texas Austin, 2009)

Complexity theory with a focus on communication and circuit complexity, computational learning theory, quantum computing

Yizhou Sun, PhD (U. Illinois Urbana-Champaign, 2012)

Information and social network analysis, data mining, database systems, statistics, information retrieval, machine learning and network science

Yuval Tamir, PhD (UC Berkeley, 1985)

Computer systems, software systems, computer architecture, parallel and distributed systems, dependable systems, network design automation, cloud computing, operating systems, system-level virtualization, interconnection networks and switches, multicore architectures

Guy Van den Broeck, PhD (Katholieke U. Leuven, Belgium, 2013)

Machine learning (statistical relational learning), knowledge representation and reasoning (graphical models, lifted probabilistic inference), applications of probabilistic reasoning and learning (probabilistic programming, probabilistic databases), artificial intelligence

Harry Xu (Ohio State, 2011)

Programming languages, compilers, runtime systems, distributed systems, big data systems and analytics, software engineering

Assistant Professors

Omid Abari, PhD (MIT, 2018)

Internet of Things (IoT), wireless networking, mobile systems, software-hardware systems, human-computer interaction (HCI)

Kai-Wei Chang, PhD (U. Illinois Urbana-Champaign, 2015)

Tractable machine learning methods for complex and big data, statistical approaches to natural language processing

Aditya Grover, PhD (Stanford, 2020)

Statistical machine learning, reinforcement learning, deep learning, probabilistic graphical models, graph and network science, artificial intelligence for scientific discovery, sustainability and climate change

Quanquan Gu, PhD (U. Illinois Urbana-Champaign, 2014)

Machine learning, high-dimensional statistical inference, optimization, data mining

Cho-Jui Hsieh, PhD (U. Texas Austin, 2015)

Fast and scalable algorithms for large-scale machine learning (deep learning), fast prediction and model compression for big ML models, low-rank models for recommender systems, theoretical analysis of optimization algorithms, security for machine learning

Achuta Kadambi, PhD (MIT, 2018)

Computational imaging, computer vision, robotics, medical devices

Baharan Mirzasoleiman, PhD (ETH Zürich, Switzerland, 2017)

Large-scale machine learning, data/model compression, optimization, approximation algorithms

Anthony J. Nowatzki, PhD (U. Wisconsin Madison, 2016)

Hardware/software co-design, modeling, and optimization

Nanyun Violet Peng, PhD (Johns Hopkins, 2017)

Natural language processing, artificial intelligence, information extraction, multilingual natural language understanding, narrative understanding and generation, figurative language generation

Sriram Sankararaman, PhD (UC Berkeley, 2010)

Computational biology, computational/statistical genomics, statistical machine learning probabilistic graphical models, Bayesian statistics

Senior Lecturers SOE

Paul R. Eggert, PhD (UCLA, 1980)

Programming languages, operating systems principles, compilers, Internet

David A. Smallberg, MS (UCLA, 1978)

Programming languages, software development

Adjunct Professors

Van Jacobson, MS (U. Arizona, 1972)

Named data network (NDA), content-centric networking

Alan Kay, PhD (U. Utah, 1969)

Object-oriented programming, personal computing, graphical user interfaces

Adjunct Associate Professors

Carey S. Nachenberg, MS (UCLA, 1995)

Anti-virus and intrusion detection technology

Giovanni Pau, PhD (U. Bologna, Italy, 1998)

Protocol design implementation and evaluation for QOS support in wired/wireless networks and vertical handover protocols and architectures

Ramin Ramezani, PhD (Imperial College, London, England, 2014)

Logic and AI, inductive logic programming, constraint solving, machine learning, combined reasoning, signal processing

Adjunct Assistant Professors

Ravi Netravali, PhD (MIT, 2018)

Computer systems, computer networks, distributed systems, cloud computing

Fabien Scalzo, PhD (U. Liège, Belgium, 2008)

Stroke and traumatic brain injuries (TBI) using brain mapping of imaging and biosignals (MR, CT, X-ray angiography, TCD, and ICP); development of machine learning and computer vision algorithms to improve neurocritical care and bring understanding of neurological disorders

1. Also Professor of Mathematics