Tec And Aiaa Virgin Galactic President Presents Infosession Tech Talk Careers

Virgin Galactic will be making its FIRST ever official UCLA visit next Friday 4pm in Eng IV 38-138. Virgin Galactic, the company best known for SpaceShipTwo (the successor to the first manned private spaceflight spaceplane and winner of the Ansari X Prize) and WhiteKnightTwo, focuses on suborbital flights and space tourism.
Steve Isakowitz, the president of Virgin Galactic and former Chief Technology Officer (CTO), will be sharing to students VG’s goals, future directions, and technology. He will be accompanied with a few other engineers who will be talking about their own projects. HR representatives will also be present to highlight new internship and career opportunities with this growing aerospace start-up company.
When: Friday, November 1 (Friday Week 5) at 4pm
Where: Eng IV 38-138
Contact: Norris Tie ()
RSVP: Required via Google Form