Swe And Tbp Scavenger Hunt Leaders Needed Scavenger Hunt Event

Hello Everyone! SWE and TBP are cohosting a scavenger hunt as part
of our mentorship programs to welcome freshmen into the School of
Engineering and to help them socialize with upperclassmen or potential
mentors. In addition to attendees for this event, we need upper
classmen (2nd years and above) to help lead first year groups around
campus during the scavenger hunt. Please provide your information
below if you would like to help out at this event. The tentative date
and time for the event is the Monday of 2nd week (Oct 8th) at 6:30pm.
FREE Diddy Riese ice cream sundaes will be provided! 🙂
To sign up, go to:
NOTE- The date has changed from Wednesday of 1st week to Monday of 2nd
week. If anyone who already signed up can’t make it to the 2nd date,
email Priscilla at