Summer Undergraduate Research Program

How to Apply

Deadline: February 28th

Description: The application for SURP will be a common application for the two REU sites and the engineering faculty lab supplement. If you are NOT a UCLA student or a UCLA student WITHOUT a research lab, you will have to complete the common application section, in addition to submitting letters of recommendation and transcripts. If you are a UCLA student WITH a research lab, you will be required to submit your lab’s contact information.

Selected scholars for the two REU sites (Interactive Systems and Functional Nanomaterials) will be paired with a UCLA Engineering faculty based on project needs, skills, and interest.  Interns will be invited to work on a project that contributes to the momentum of their assigned lab.

The engineering faculty lab supplement is for UCLA students who are planning to do research at UCLA over the summer with a faculty member. We do not match UCLA students with faculty members, so UCLA students must independently find faculty members to do research with during the summer. Otherwise, please apply to the two REU programs.

Application Process:

  • Fill out all required questions on application and specify whether you are applying to an REU site (Interactive Systems or Functional Nanomaterials) or a specific faculty advisor with whom you will be doing summer research (UCLA students only).
  • After you submit the Google form, if you are applying to one of the REU sites, upload two letters of recommendation and an unofficial transcript. 
  1. Submit your letters of recommendation as PDF files and title them LastName_FirstName_LOR1.pdf and LastName_FirstName_LOR2.pdf. 
  2. Submit your unofficial transcripts as one PDF file and title it LastName_FirstName_Transcript.pdf. If you are a UCLA student working with an engineering faculty, you do not need to do this step.