HSSEAS Scholarship Application

  • The 2017-2018 HSSEAS Scholarship Application will open September 29, 2017


  • **Important note: If you created an application account in the past, you do not have to create a new one.  Just go to the application site once it is open and input your email and password.  If you have forgotten your email address, email scholarships@seas.ucla.edu.  If you no longer have your password from last year, you can generate a new one.**
  • Application must be completed by 5:00pm on Monday October 30th, 2017

  • Please review the FAQ before you apply!! HSSEAS Scholarship FAQ for 2017-2018, it will assist you in understanding what is generally required in the application (note that this information is subject to change without notice).
  • Additionally, we encourage all students to apply for Scholarships from Outside Agencies (see link to the left). Please be sure to take advantage of the resources available through the Scholarship Resource Center to help ensure your applications are as strong as possible.  In addition, top students (high cumulative GPA) should consider the National Scholarship opportunities (link also available to the left).