Scaled Composites Info Session And Job Opportunities

Located in Mojave, CA, Scaled is actively seeking new graduates in
mechanical and aerospace engineering as well as exceptionally clever
engineers in electrical, computer science, and civil engineering for its
fully funded Stratolaunch program (
Scaled Composites is a rapid prototype aircraft design, build, and test
company. Since its founding in 1982, Scaled has averaged a first flight
every single year and has recently earned the title of the first private
company to fly a man to space by winning the $10 million Ansari X Prize
in 2004. All Scaled engineers are “design engineers” with the ability to
solve engineering challenges in several specific engineering fields.
Being a hardware-based company, engineers are charged with essentially a
piece of the plane and the resulting deliverable is a tangible piece of
the project.
Scaled is highly motivated to fill these positions, so please attend our
info session on April 4^th . A project engineer will be attending the
session and to accept and screen resumes: *please bring relevant
projects* (physical project, pictures, etcetera). Also check out our
website at and don’t forget to apply online at