Thank you for volunteering to help us review supplementary material for this Engineering Scholarship cycle!  You are making it possible for us to continue to not only offer our Scholarships Program, but to sustain any future growth.  This would not be possible without you!

The Review period will begin on Monday, November 4th @ 12:00pm and will remain open until Monday, November 25th @ 11:59pm.

Some common things to keep in mind:

The first thing to remember is that you are only scoring one small population of the applicants; you may have very strong applicants or a collection of weaker ones.  Just try to give the most fair scores you can based on the rubrics provided and keep in mind that there are other factors contributing to the selection process beyond these 2 documents.  Because of this, scoring these documents high or low doesn’t necessarily guarantee or eliminate their eligibility.

Please feel free to use the comment box at the bottom of each scoring page if you want to give us any further information beyond the scores. That will only be visible to Student Affairs staff on the selection committee.


Here is the direction we gave to the students about their essays: “Your essay should be based upon your relationship with the field of engineering. Do not be vague: This is your opportunity to demonstrate your passion for Engineering by referring to specifics from your life: internships, jobs or experiences, etc., that have been formative in guiding you down this path to Engineering. Be specific and give detail. It should be well-written with good grammar and punctuation and follow the formatting guidelines specified above. The strength of your essay is STRONGLY considered.  Please do not focus on finances. We understand that many students are in a situation of financial need. However, financial need is taken into consideration when reviewing applications based on data provided by the Financial Aid Office. The committee will not take into consideration finances when discussed in an essay.  Do not discuss only your future and/or goals, without any reference to what you have already accomplished: Feel free to discuss your future plans, but be sure your future plans are well supported by past experiences and choices, as described in your essay.”  

We did not specifically tell them “we want to see A, B, and C”.  This essay is not about how well they answer a certain question, but how well they can communicate.  Putting together a well focused, well written essay that discusses a student’s relationship with the field of engineering, why they are here, what they are doing, and where they are going, is a part of their ranking.  If they are missing pieces of that, then their essay will not score as high as other students who did.  Additionally, students were given opportunity to attend a writing workshop and to bring their essays in for review by the Scholarship Resource Center, all of which was even more detailed about what questions to address for the most effective essay.


Here is what we told them:  “This is not a Resume/CV which reviews and highlights jobs, internships, and research experience, specific duties, and skill sets. The Extra-Curricular Activities Record is your opportunity to highlight and review non-employment/non-research extra-curricular involvement, as well as any specific positions or accomplishments for which you were responsible.  List only official clubs or organizations. If you founded an organization/club/etc, please list it. Hobbies such as personal coding projects that are not part of an official club or organizations should not be listed. Jobs and  internships should not be listed on the EC either.  Employment is an important experience, but not appropriate for your “Extra Curriculars”.  Involvement with Engineering related clubs and associations will be given more weight. High school or community college activities (see example) should be listed separately from the UCLA activities as appropriate under “Connecting The Engineering Community to the Public Community” and “Other”.  List the most recent involvement at the top.”

We are not requiring a resume because we feel that students should be talking about relative research and job experience in their Autobiographical Statements as a part of the experiences that shaped them and their goals.  Students were given examples and we offered a workshop to answer any questions regarding clarification.  Keep in mind that some students may be in their first quarter at UCLA and listed extra curricular from their previous school which is what they were instructed to do.

Below you will find some of the most commonly asked questions and issues we resolved from past reviewers.  If at any time you have any questions or concerns that are not addressed, please send an email to .


When does the review period start and end?
The Review period will begin on Saturday, November 3rd and will remain open until Monday, November 26th @ 11:59pm.

Each review should only take 15-20 minutes.  You can log in at any time and submit scores at your leisure, save your progress, and come back later.

Who is eligible to be a reviewer?
The only qualification is that they are UCLA Engineering Alumni with the time to review.
I am unable to complete all the reviews assigned to me before the deadline.
No problem.  We understand that it is a busy time of year.   Just email    to let us know so we can reassign your applications.  Even if you only are able to do a few, every completed
review helps and we are very grateful.


I am having problems logging in.
Please email us at .  We can double check which email we have in the system that you used to originally sign up and look into any other issues.
I created an account last year. Do I have to make a new one this year?
No.  Once you create a reviewer account, it is yours.  If you don’t have the email from when you originally created your account, you can send yourself a new one and then star/highlight/tag that email so you can copy and paste your password easily for this year.  If you have any name or email updates, please contact us: 
Can I change my password to something easier?
Unfortunately, we do not support that feature at this time.  Please flag your initial password email and keep it handy for easy copy and pasting for the log in.  If you ever lose it, you may reset and send yourself a new password at any time from the application site.


When I click on the document hyperlinks, why do I receive a blank screen?
If you can not view the pdfs: It may just be that you do not have your PDF plug in enabled on your browser.  There are many plugins for each browser that will display PDFs. However, the easiest option is to use Chrome because it comes with a built-in PDF viewer, so there’s no plugin to install. Chrome for Windows has the PDF viewer feature turned on by default. On the Mac version, it’s disabled by default and needs to be turned on. This page has instructions for enabling thePDF viewer in Chrome.

If you still can not see the documents, please send an email to  so our tech support can take a look.  Include as much detail as you can.

It appears as though there are some documents missing or repeated. How do I score that?
Please choose [Missing/Invalid] in the drop down menu for scoring.  For these cases, and if more explanation is needed, feel free to use the comment box at the bottom of the review page.  That can only be seen by the Selection Committee.
Even though there are no names on the documents, I think I recognize this student from their essay and extracurricular report. What should I do?
I completed my reviews early and would be available to do more.