Other UC/UCLA Scholarship Resources

Looking for scholarship information can be a tedious endeavor, but the rewards can be great.


  1. Begin by visiting the University of California web-site: Paying-for-UC
  2. HSSEAS has a few admission awards.  There is no separate application.  Award are limited and selection is based on your admission application.
  3. Your local library, high school or community college career center have information about Scholarships, Grants, and Loans.  Ask the UCLA Reference Librarian for assistance in locating appropriate material.
  4. The UCLA Alumni Center also provides scholarships to prospective and current students. Please visit their website: UCLA Alumni Association Scholarships


  1. HSSEAS Scholarship Application
  2. UCLA Scholarship Resource Center Page(SRC), located at 233 Covel Commons, The SRC serves as an information base and support service for students seeking scholarships and is open to all UCLA students regardless of financial aid eligibility.  SRC provides workshops to assist UCLA students with the scholarship process.  Please visit their webpage, for more information or call (310)206-2875.
  3. UCLA Financial Aid Office: Scholarships
  4. UCLA Alumni Scholarships for Incoming & Continuing Students
  5. UCLA Chancellor’s Service Award