Jccc Research Seminar Current And Upcoming Innovations In Functional

Presented By:
Daniel Margolis, M.D.
Assistant Professor
Department of Radiology
University of California, at Los Angeles
Dr. Margolis is in charge of virtual colonography at UCLA. He is
interested in the use of MRI for characterization of cancer and efficacy
of treatment.
Dr. Margolis’ clinical expertise is in prostate magnetic resonance
imaging, colon cancer screening, and using non-invasive medical imaging
as a “surrogate biomarker” for drug development. Working closely with
his colleagues in Interventional Radiology at UCLA, Dr. Margolis
provides a liaison between clinical researchers and medical imaging, and
provides his expertise in advanced cancer imaging to research new
imaging techniques as potential surrogate biomarkers to determine which
new drug therapies are effective weeks or months before their effect is
clinically evident. This will allow cancer specialists to determine if
their therapy is working, or if another therapy is needed, after only
one or two doses. Eventually, these thechniques may be able to determine
which therapy is optimal for tumors otherwise similar in size and
appearance on CT even before the first dose is given.
Light Lunch Served