Oxford Road is an independent advertising agency. We specialize in audio marketing, i.e. podcast, radio, streaming, and voice (smart speakers.) We write and produce ads, negotiate and plan media buys, and track the performance of the ads. Once we have performance data (e.g. the number of new customers acquired for the money spent on a given podcast), we then rebalance the media portfolio to improve our clients’ performance, so they get more return for their ad dollars.

We are seeking a highly qualified Machine Learning Intern to join our team. We are currently working remotely so you can be based anywhere, and will be compensated for your time based on experience.  This position will require the individual to work with our analytics team, and head of Strategy.

Position Description:

– Design, develop, and implement machine learning models with a focus on text analytics and recommendation systems

– Generate and maintain comprehensive design documentation

– Depending on final scope: project may also include forecasting, data collection / enrichment, web deployment


– 2+ years’ experience programming Python or R

– Expertise in reinforcement learning / recommender system / deep learning

– Text analytics expertise required

– 2+ years’ experience with relational databases, AWS and SQL programming

– Experience with numpy, scipy, TensorFlow, Watson, Sagemaker (etc.) preferred

– Solid communication skills, professional conduct, commitment to delivering your best work

– Current enrollment in relevant program

– Legal authorization to work in USA

– Time series forecasting experience desired


  • Minimum GPA of 3.5
  • Must have computer science/programming background
  • Must have taken a machine learning course
  • Willing to work for a fully distributed remote company
  • Part-time during the school year


  • Machine Learning: 1 year (Required)
  • Python or R: 2 years (Preferred)

Applicants should contact: Kalyn Seymour,