Intel Infosession Hosted By Hkn

Intel’s server chipset development team, located on the UC-Irvine
campus, is looking for student interns for summer 2012. Our team
specializes in the development of advanced memory buffers for high-end
servers. We are looking for students to fill six internship positions
this summer in these three areas: Pre-silicon Validation (EE, EECS and
ICS majors), Front-end Design (EE or EECS majors) and
Physical/Structural Design (EE or EECS majors). All applicants must have
junior standing and at least a 3.0 GPA and must be willing to work
full-time this summer. Part-time extensions into your senior year are a
possibility. Positions are posted on
<>(Reference requisitions: 615016, 614922)
If you are interested in applying or would like to learn more about the
company, please join us for the Intel presentation. Company
representatives will be available to meet with students one on one after
the presentation. Please bring your Resume! Food will be provided!