Information On Receiving Course Credit For Your Internship Engineering 195

Internship – Course Credit

We encourage that all students enroll in Engineering 195: Internship Studies in Engineering in order to receive course credit for your internship. Please read the OASA office website on how to Enroll in a ENG 195 course or make an appointment with your academic counselor for more information.

Engineering 195. Internship Studies in Engineering (2 to 4 units)
Tutorial, two to four hours. Limited to juniors/seniors. Internship studies course supervised by associate dean or designated faculty members. Further supervision to be provided by organization for which students are doing internship. Students may be required to meet on regular basis with instructor and provide periodic reports of their experience. May not be applied toward major requirements. Normally, only 4 units of internship are allowed. Individual contract with associate dean required. P/NP grading. R. Wesel (F,W,Sp)

Confirm with academic counselor prior to course/internship.