GE Requirements For Students Who Entered Prior To Fall 2005

Description of General Education Requirement
For freshmen and transfer students who entered prior to Fall 2005


HSSEAS general education (GE) requirements – For freshmen and transfer students who entered prior to Fall 2005:

Prior to Fall 2005 GE list

(a) English Composition 3, which must be completed with a minimum grade of C by the end of the second year of enrollment at UCLA;

(b) six courses from the humanities and social sciences (eight courses for Computer Science majors), with at least two courses from each category;

(c) one life sciences course (two courses for Computer Science majors; this requirement is automatically satisfied for Bioengineering, Chemical Engineering and the Biomedical option of Electrical Engineering).

All lower division courses taken to satisfy items b and c must be selected from the HSSEAS GE course list at

Prior to Fall 2005 GE list

Students interested in taking a foreign language to satisfy this requirement must first consult with an academic counselor in the Office of Academic and Student Affairs, 6426 Boelter Hall.

For item b, at least three courses must be in the same academic department or must otherwise reflect coherence in subject matter. Of the three, at least two must be upper division courses selected from the approved HSSEAS GE course list.

Computer Science, Computer Science and Engineering, and Electrical Engineering majors are also required to satisfy the ethics and professionalism requirement by completing one course from Engineering 95 or 183(formerly 193) or 185(formerly 195), which may be applied toward either the humanities or social sciences section of the GE requirements.