L.A. startup with huge potential that is starting to raise initial funding. One co-founder is a successful senior executive that has helped scale a number of tech businesses. The other co-founder was a recent NCAA tennis champion who has also helped companies scale their operations. The business is empowering people to reach their goals – a self-improvement platform and marketplace for all verticals, starting with tennis and quickly broadening out to other verticals.


General requirements:

Can work well in an early stage, fast-paced, unknown, and changing startup environment.  Smart, hard-working, and collaborative (with founders, advisors and co-workers). Management experience is not necessary at this stage as the company has a number of senior tech advisors.  We are looking for smart people with excellent problem-solving skills who are ambitious and want to be on the ground floor of a start-up company in Los Angeles.

*Programming experience with iOS or hybrid + web development

*We don’t need to recreate the wheel on much of the functionality, so the ability to incorporate 3rd party coding

*Athletic background is a plus but not necessary (as initial vertical is in sports).

*Experience with platforms, marketplaces, gamification and/or task management a plus


Front end developer:

iOS (Swift, objective C), Web (js, react or angular js), CSS, hybrid (flutter, react native)

 *Responsible for programming the UI design and creating a seamless user experience


 *Experience with game-like user interfaces a plus

Back end developer:

python, sql, cloud tools (aws, google cloud, etc)

*Creation of system architecture

*Candidate should be able to design, architect and implement a full backend from scratch

*Management of data storage

*Creation of algorithm that takes in inputs from front-end and is able to output actionable tasks for improvement

UI/UX Designer:
design software (figma or similar)
*Understanding of user and creation of addictive UI/UX so that people want to improve and reach their goals

*Responsive design

*Primarily mobile, but website as well

*Will be the most challenging component of this platform.  UX/UI must be fun, intuitive, and useful.

*Creative and confident enough to take a risk on a design that does not currently exist

*Game-like experience of either creating or carrying out addictive tendencies to complete tasks a major plus

MProoV Samueli Internship