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Undergraduate Internship Resources


Microsoft Technical Interview Tips

Winter 2020 Industry Facing Recruitment Events: 

Other Career Center Events (RSVP via Handshake) 

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Engineering 23: Finding an Industry Internship Seminar 

This seminar is designed to engage engineering students in the process of formal career development. Students will learn various components of an internship/ job application and practice preparing relevant materials, which is essential in learning how to solicit, apply, and interview for internship/ job positions.

Some of the course objectives include:

  • Create resumes and cover letters
  • Practice elevator pitch
  • Activate LinkedIn and Handshake profiles
  • Prepare for a mock interview
  • Create a career action plan

Check out the ENG 23 course flyer

Other Internship Resources 


Undergraduate Research Resources

Winter 2020 Research-related Events: 

Workshops and Info Sessions 

  • Jan 13th | NSF REU Info Session | 5:30-7:30PM | Mong Auditorium
  • Feb 04th | Find a Research Lab Workshop | 5:30-7PM | Mong Auditorium

Engineering 24: Finding an Industry Internship Seminar 

The purpose of Finding an Undergraduate Research Opportunity Seminar is to encourage undergraduate engineering research participation. Students enrolled in this seminar should be able to obtain and start in a lab by the end of the quarter. Students will not only learn about ways to apply for openings, but also actions needed to begin research.

Check out the ENG 24 course flyer

Engineering 25: Communicating Academic Research Seminar 

The purpose of Communicating Undergraduate Research Seminar is to provide engineering students the necessary skills and knowledge to communicate and publish their research findings. In addition, Communicating Undergraduate Research Seminar will help engineering students develop professionally and prepare them for successful research.

Check out the ENG 25 course flyer

Other Research Resources