Emerge Fair 2014

HKN invites you to Emerge Fair 2014, the first start-up/emerging Companies Fair for Computer Science and Electrical Engineering Students.
The event starts with a Q&A panel with CEO’s and founders of some of our attending companies on what it’s like to work in startup life, and is followed by a career fair in Kerckhoff Grand Salon with on-site interviewing!
Attendance is free, but RSVP at www.hkn.ee.ucla.edu/emerge to send your resume for early on-site interviewing by January 14th midnight! HKN will also be tabling in Boelter for in-person questions. We hope to see you!
What You Need to Know:
Date: January 18th
Time: 12-5pm
Location: Ackerman Vista Conference Center for Panel, Kerckhoff Grand Salon for Career Fair
RSVP at www.hkn.ee.ucla.edu/emerge